AGT 2022 Season 17, Auditions, contestants, Shows, Judges, Results

AGT 2022 Season 17, Auditions, contestants, Shows, Judges, Results

Friends, you know that America’s Got Talent (AGT) is the most favorite show all over the world. AGT 2022 season 17 is hosted and presented by Terry Crews and the Judges are Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel. It is done to discover new talents in different categories. You’ll get here all auditions, and live show’s details and videos of AGT 2022 Season 17

AGT 2022 Season 17, Auditions, contestants, Shows, Judges, Results
agt 2022 season 17

These Judges come to the desk of America’s Got Talent season 17 (AGT 2022 Season 17) to find new talents in different categories such as singing, dancing, magic, Acrobatics, Comedy, Illusion, ETC. AGT is NBC’s favorite competition show that is helpful to discover new progressive talents all over the world.

In this post, I’ll try to provide all the information happening in AGT 2022 season 17 such as a list of contestants, categories in which they participating, results, Golden Buzzer winners, performances, and show details.

Also, I’ll try to give full details and videos of the best contestants, auditions, and shows of AGT 2022 Season 17

A list of participating contestants in AGT 2022 season 17, their categories, and results

Here is I’m providing an updated list of AGT 2022 season 17’s participated contestants, their categories, and results. I’ll update this list on regular basis.

Sr No.Contestant NameGenreActIn WeekStatus
1Mervant VeraMagicMagicianWeek 1Selected
2Veranica & Her Incredible FriendsAnimalsDog ActWeek 1Selected
3Ben LapidusSingingSingerWeek 1Selected
4XOMG PopDancingPop GroupWeek 1Selected
5The Pack DrumlineMusicDrumline GroupWeek 1Selected
6Celia MunozSingingSingerWeek 1Selected
7April and SarahAnimalsAnimal ActWeek 1Eliminated
8Jack GradyMagicMagicianWeek 1Eliminated
9Burning JoeDangerStuntWeek 1Eliminated
10Avery Dixon 🌟MusicSaxophoneWeek 1Golden Buzzer
11Lee CollisionSingingSingerWeek 1Selected
12Mike E. WinfieldComedyStand-up ComedianWeek 1Selected
13Shu TakadaVarietyYoYo ArtistWeek 1Selected
14Pepino The Mini HorseAnimalsHorse ActWeek 1Eliminated
15Aiko TanakaComedyStand-up ComedianWeek 2Selected
16Anthony KapferSingingSingerWeek 2Eliminated
17Drake MilliganMusicMusicianWeek 2Selected
18FunkanometryDancingDancing DuoWeek 2Selected
19Fusion JapanDancingDance GroupWeek 2Selected
20GeorgeComedyStand-up ComedianWeek 2Eliminated
21Jojo & BriSingingSinging DuoWeek 2Selected
22Madison Baez 🌟SingingSingerWeek 2Golden Buzzer
23Marvin AchiVarietyBodybuildingWeek 2Selected
24Meta PhysicVarietyAI SoftwareWeek 2Selected
25The Bock and Roll BandMusicAnimal ActWeek 2Selected
26Waylon NapadoganMusicMusicianWeek 2Eliminated
27Zeno SputafuocoDangerStuntsWeek 2Selected
28Zombie BalletDancingDance GroupWeek 2Eliminated
29Viviana RossiDancingAerial DanceWeek 2Selected
30Blade to BladeDangerKnives ThrowingWeek 3Selected
31Duo Rag DollsDancingDancing DuoWeek 3Eliminated
32HarperSingingSingerWeek 3Selected
33Hayden KrystalComedyStand-up ComedyWeek 3Selected
34Jack WilliamsComedyVentriloquistWeek 3Selected
35Max OstlerDancingDancerWeek 3Selected
36NFL Players ChoirSingingSinging GroupWeek 3Selected
37Oleksandr YenivatovCircusContortionWeek 3Selected
38Sara James 🌟SingingSingerWeek 3Golden Buzzer
39The Brown BrothersSingingSinger/ PianistWeek 3Selected
40Urban Crew FlyersDancingDancing GroupWeek 3Selected
41Justin RuppleComedyStand-up ComedianWeek 4Selected
42Ethan JanOthersRubik’s Cube SolverWeek 4Selected
43The Glamour AussiesAnimalsDog ActWeek 4Selected
44Manny D’MagoMagicMagicianWeek 4Eliminated
45Lace LarrabeeComedyStand-up ComedyWeek 4Selected
46Mayyas 🌟DancingDancing GroupWeek 4Golden Buzzer
47Kristen CruzSingingSingerWeek 4Selected
48Kristy SellarsDancingDancerWeek 4Selected
49Connor KingComedyStand-up ComedianWeek 4Selected
50Jannick HolsteMagicIllusionWeek 4Selected
51CubcakesDancingDance GroupWeek 4Selected
52Chris JamesComedyStand-up ComedianWeek 4Selected
53Kieran RhodesSingingSingerWeek 4Selected
54Fakir TestaDangerDanger ActWeek 4Selected
55Cline TwinsOthersHockey TricksWeek 4Selected
56Abbie and Ellie SmithSingingSinging DuoWeek 5Auditioned
57ChikoBody BalancingAcrobatsWeek 5Auditioned
58Connor JohnsonMusicMusicianWeek 5Auditioned
59Jordan ConleyComedyStand-up ComedyWeek 5Auditioned
60KeeganComedyBicycle ComedyWeek 5Auditioned
61Lily Meola 🌟SingingSingerWeek 5Golden Buzzer
Heidi Klum
62Marcus TerellDancingDanceWeek 5Auditioned
63Merissa BeddowsSingingSingerWeek 5Auditioned
64Mia MorrisMusicMusicianWeek 5Auditioned
65MPLUSPLUSOthersStage TechnologistWeek 5Auditioned
66Mr. PantsComedyComedianWeek 5Auditioned
67Nicholas RibsMagicMagicianWeek 5Auditioned
68Siegfried and JoyMagicMagiciansWeek 5Auditioned
69The Dremeka ChoirSingingChoirWeek 5Auditioned
70Willem RoelantsMusicMusicianWeek 5Auditioned
71Nicholas BushiComedyVentriloquistTBAAuditioned
72Maxence VIREMagicMagicianTBAAuditioned
73RetrogenixDancingDance GroupTBAAuditioned
74Dan BlockComedyStand-up ComedianTBAAuditioned
75Wyn StarksMusicMusicianTBAAuditioned
76Coronado CougarettesDancingDance GroupTBAAuditioned
77Chapel Hart 🌟SingingSinging groupGroup Golden Buzzer
78Ben WaitesSingingSingerTBAAuditioned
79Mr. CarsoundsVarietyCar SoundsTBAAuditioned
80Circus Artist CompanyAcrobatsAerialistTBAAuditioned
81Ava SwissSingingSingerTBAAuditioned
82Kim EveyComedyStand-up ComedianTBAAuditioned
83Mr. Moo ShakesComedyFake Cow ActTBAAuditioned
84Thee Lovely Lowe SistersSingingSingersTBAAuditioned
85Emily RobinsonTBATBATBAAuditioned
86Travis JapanSinging & DancingSinger & DancerWeek 6Selected
87Duo RingsAerial DancingGymnastsWeek 6Auditioned
88Alex RiversMusicPianistWeek 6Selected
89Wyn StarkSingingSingerWeek 6Selected
90Double Duch Crew WaffleRope DancingPerformerEarly release
91AcapopSingingSingers groupNewSelected
92Ciara and TreyDancingDuo DancersNewselected
93Baley GrahamDancingTap DancerNewSelected
94Nicotine Dolls’ Sam SiriSingingSingerNewSelected
95Burchell’s beautifulSingingSingerEarly Release
96Debbii DawsonSingingSingerNewSelected
97Freckled ZeldaSingingSinger, MusicianNewSelected
99Camille KSingingSingerNewSelected
100Amanda MammonaSingingSingerSelected
101Bay TurnerSingingSingerSelected
102Debbii DawsonSingingSingerSelected
103Dustin TravellaMagicMagicianAGT 16’s winnerGuest
AGT 2022 Season 17

Friends, this is the list of AGT 2022 Season 17‘s contestants and shows to know everything about America’s Got Talent 2022 season 17. But if you want to watch AGT 2022 season 17’s show’s videos then you may visit my web stories section. You’ll know there about upcoming American films, events, award ceremonies, entertaining news, and more.

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Now, this is the time to enjoy AGT 2022 season 17’s auditions and shows videos. Share this post with your friends to give them a source of enjoyment.

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