Mervant Vera surprised the judges by his musical majic with playing cards in AGT 2022 season 17's audition.

Mervant Vera is a 33 years old rapping magician from Philadelphia

As soon as his performance began, the panelists’ mouths dropped open when he started rapping along with his eye-popping card tricks

“Watching magic it kind of made me feel like you have a real superpower. Growing up I always loved comics and stuff and that’s the closest thing, right?” - He said

Vera also said -  “If you can do it on this stage you can do it anywhere.”

He said about his dream that his dream is to have a Vegas show and to tour the world, and he also wants to write a hip-hop musical featuring magic.

AGT judges and audiences were enjoyed and surprised by his magical rapping with playing cards.

Mervant Vera was awarded with 4 yeses for this performance