Viviana Rossi's performance in AGT 17's audition was so dangerous and socking that the judges and audience couldn't stop them to give her a standing ovation

Viviana's fans can't wait to see her on the stage of AGT because she has also shown off her awe-inspiring talent on other television shows.

She’s an athlete, model, and aerialist. In the past, she’s worked with Cirque Du Soleil’s stunt division.

Viviana started her performance in a bathtub full of water, before being lifted up on a strap to perform acrobatic moves in the air.

For her final performance, she ditched the bathtub and performed some mind-blowing spins and flips while hanging over the stage.

She ended the performance by holding on with just her head as she spun around in the air.

She got not only a standing ovation but also 4 yes for her unique and socking performance.

Simon surprised her when he said that he had seen such an act before but in the end that he said that it was much better.