Shu Takada presented such an amazing Yo-Yo dance in AGT 17 Audition 2022  that the judges and audience say wow.

Shu Takada is a 25 years old yo-yo artist from Yokohama Japan

He said about his dream - "My dream is, Um, having on my show and traveling around the world to share the coolness of yo-yoing."

At the end of Takada's performance Howie said him that he is not only a yo-yo artist but also a great performer and dancer.

Sofia - "You are a cool guy and you deserve to be here tonight"

Simon - "Look, Before you started, I was kind of thinking Oh, this isn't gonna be great" 

Simon also said -  "But yo do something really, really incredible. People will watch this audition again and again in slow mo."

Judges were so enjoyed his performance that they say their yes as yo.