Heidi, Sofia, and Simon became emotional with the singing performance of the Acapop group in AGT 2022 season 17

The Acapop group perform an emotional song to tribute the former members.

Their singing combination, and song presentation was so impressive that the judges were surprised.

The group performed a song by Nolan Gibbons who was the former group member and passed away in childhood.

So it was not only a performance but also a tribute to group's former member Nolan Gabbons.

Nolan's parent Sheila and Warren said - "We don't know why it was classified as sudden unexplained death in childhood."

Heidi said - "That was beautiful, you melt beautifully together with your voice.."

Sofia said - "The song was beautiful and I know this means a lot." Simon said the song emotional and respectful. The group was selected.