12 best types of articles to get organic web traffic continually, Evergreen content ideas

12 best types of articles to get organic web traffic continually, Evergreen content ideas

Hi friends, do you know what types of articles are there that should write to improve engagement and organic web traffic? So I’m sharing here ideas for the top 12 best different types of articles 

It will increase website traffic continually. That’s why you should try these 12 best evergreen content ideas for your blog.

You can get the help of these best blogging tools to write evergreen content.

Friends, there are so many ways to boost website traffic such as writing great content and sharing your content on popular social media sites.

You can also boost your site’s traffic and overall ranking by creating do-follow backlinks

And by creating profiles on high DA, PA, and profile creation sites.

But if you want organic traffic to your site continually, you should write some evergreen articles on your site. 

So you need to know what types of articles are there known as evergreen articles that definitely bring organic traffic to a site all the time.

That’s why I’m sharing here 12 different evergreen article ideas that will help you to get organic traffic to your site forever

Why we should write Evergreen types of articles?

Evergreen articles have more probability to rank on different types of search engines even on Google’s featured snippets.

You need to care for keyword selection, content quality, best use of different keyword selections, and content quality.

You need to know the best use of different types of SEO strategies, and content marketing strategies.

The evergreen types of articles are all-time traffic-gaining content. You can share these articles on different social media sites again and again.

That’s why such evergreen articles generate traffic to your site for a long time. 

Also, you’ll get new users for these types of articles on the web. Only you need to audit your content from time to time to add new updates.

What types of articles are there that may produce organic traffic continually? 12 best evergreen articles ideas

Friends most of the articles produce organic traffic for a short time, some days, or even some weeks. But I’m sharing ideas for evergreen articles that will bring organic traffic to your site forever. 

1. Listical(List of) articles

Writing Listical articles is one of the best ways to continually get organic traffic to your site. Such evergreen articles are normally long Google loves and prefers to rank on search results.

Also, these types of articles are helpful to increase the time duration of a web page.  

what types of articles are there

Here are some examples of such articles; 

A list of high DA profile creation sites. 

A list of do-follow blog commenting sites, 

A list of Edu backlink sites

A list of 30 best search engines on the web, etc.

How to write the Listical articles easily?

Search on Google to find the list for your specific keyword. 

Collect the list from 3-4 top-ranked search results. 

Add them to one list after removing broken links

Also, check and remove if similar things are repeated. 

Now your list is ready to make your Listical article.

You should use broken link checker tools to find and remove dead links from such articles

2. “How to” and “what is” types of articles

How-to types of articles are mostly searched articles on the web among all the questions types of articles searches.

So you should write some how-to types of articles on your blog to get organic traffic continually. So you may add a section on your site for how-to types of articles.   

what types of articles are there

Some examples of how-to types of articles

How to write the best answers on Quora

How to find the best tools for SEO audit

How to increase website traffic quality? 

How to increase website traffic without SEO

How to improve SEO visibility score

What is SEO cloaking?

What is image SEO and how to do it?

What are the best sources to get ideas for writing how-to types of evergreen articles?

 You can use Google’s Question HubQuora, or Answer the public tool to get ideas for writing how-to types of evergreen articles.  

3. Comparison types of articles

The comparison types of articles produce not only organic traffic to your site but also increase sales. So you should write some comparison types of articles on your blog or website.  Some examples of these types of articles

Which is the best blogging platform blogger or WordPress? 

Which web hosting company is best for beginners Hostinger or Bluehost

Which keyword tool is good for the best results on a low budget? 

How to get ideas for writing a comparison article? 

You need to read some top-ranked reviews of both the products between which you have to compare. Include good and bad features of both products within your content.

Don’t forget to include your own experience if you have used those products.  

4. Review types of articles

You should write some review types of articles. Because users read reviews before purchasing any service or product. That’s why these types of articles perform well forever.  

These are highly demanding articles that play an important role to increase organic traffic, conversion rate, and sales. You may do reviews of demanding products, services, apps, blogs, etc in your articles. 

How to write review articles?

You may do reviews of your own used products or services. Or read reviews of experts for a specific product or service to get ideas for writing review articles

5. Starting with the top or best types of article

The articles that started with the top or best words bring high organic traffic to a site. Because its users tendency that they want the top or best quality of products, services, or information for any specific keyword.  Such as; 

the best smartphone at a low price,

best ideas to do On-Page SEO 

the best hosting company, 

the best app for online earning, 

best ideas to increase the website traffic quality

5 best content auditing ideas for SEO

Top 19 factors affecting web traffic

5 best tips to increase website ranking

best SEO tools using ideas for link-building, etc. 

what types of articles are there

 The demands for such articles are high all the time.

So you may write such top or best types of articles to get organic traffic to your site continually. 

6. Tutorial types of articles

There are so many users on the web that want proper and deep knowledge of any process, product, or service.

For it, they search full tutorials for their specific thing. So you may write tutorial types of articles to get organic traffic to your site forever.   

7. Case study types of articles

Case study types of articles are also performing as evergreen articles. It also helps to get continued organic traffic. You may do a case study of things that are in trend.

Such as case studies of blogging, case study for using WordPress, case studies for using keyword tools, content republishing sites, and so on.  

8. Checklist types of articles

You may write checklist types of articles to get organic traffic to your site for a long time. The user wants to know about the checklist before starting any project.  

You may understand the checklist and make sure that. So you may write articles as a checklist for starting a blog, a checklist for writing content, a checklist for international travel, etc.  

9. Expert’s Roundups types of articles

The expert’s roundups types of articles are helpful not only to get continued organic traffic but also it helps to get high-quality backlinks for your site. So you should write expert roundups types of articles on your blog.  

How to write expert roundups types of articles? 

To write experts roundups types of articles you will have to:

Collect emails from top-ranked bloggers under your niche. 

Email them for their honest opinion on any subject. 

Add their opinions within your article. 

Email again to those bloggers whose opinions you have published within your article. 

Make sure that you have included your web page link within the email that you sent. 

 In this way, you will get some high-quality backlinks along with quality organic traffic to your site.

But make sure that you have written an SEO-friendly article

And your site doesn’t have any technical SEO issues.  

10. Mistakes types of articles

You may write mistakes types of articles that always perform well across the web. Because a user wants to know about mistakes that may happen during any journey, selecting any service, or working on any project.  

It may be mistakes during your blogging journey, Selecting a Hosting service, working on a web development project, etc. Such as my mistakes in using techniques to get traffic, my mistakes during the blogging journey, mistakes by affiliate marketers, etc.  

How do write mistakes types of articles?

You may share mistakes that you have done in the past as an article. Also, you may collect the mistakes by other users for a specific keyword, Audit those mistakes for adding within your mistakes articles.  

11. Biography types of articles

You may write biographies of famous sports stars, film stars, singers, and famous others. people, etc. Such articles also work for a long time to provide organic traffic to a site.  Some examples of biography types of articles;

A biography of Rohit Sharma as a captain of the Indian cricket team, 

A biography of Lata Mangeskar, etc. 

 You may get ideas from Wikipedia to write such biography types of articles. 

12. Story and Quotes types of articles

The story and quotes types of articles also perform well in generating organic traffic to a site. Such types of articles are evergreen articles. If you are interested then you may write such articles to get organic traffic.   

what types of articles are there

Some examples of stories and quotes from articles;

An emotional long-distance love story

Best quotes for WhatsApp status

Best quotes for the festival, etc. 

Bonus tips

If you want more than 1 lakh unique visitors a day to your site then you should create a movie website. And make a practice to post web stories of upcoming movies and famous faces per day.

Then it might be possible that your site will get huge organic traffic per day. 

If you want to know how to make traffic above 1 lakh a day from a movie website then posting web stories will be the best option for you. 

Friends, these are some best different types of evergreen content ideas for the blog post that if you write on your blog then you will get organic traffic to your site continually.

Such types of articles also rank on Google.  You may check keyword position by using keyword rank checker tools.

You’ll get unlimited organic traffic consistently by writing such types of articles. Only you need to follow 11 must-do SEO techniques that are helpful to boom your organic web traffic.

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