7 best broken links checker tools to find and remove dead links

7 best broken links checker tools to find and remove dead links

Friends, If you are observing decreased traffic, backlinks, ranking, authority, and popularity of your site. Then you should use broken links checker tools to find and solve dead links within your site.

Because such things may happen due to the presence of broken links in your site’s web pages. 

Friends, In this post, I’m providing some best free and paid broken links checker tools that will help you to find broken links within your site.

Also, you will know here what is a broken link? How to find broken links? Impact of broken links on your site. And how to fix broken links for your site? 

What is a Broken Link?

A broken link is a link or hyperlink that lands on an error page, a blank page, or a page not found.

So if you click on such broken links you won’t get any expected results and you may be redirected to an error page, blank page, or URL not found page.

Broken links on your site is a must to fix technical SEO issue.

Types of broken links

Mainly, there are 4 types of broken links that you can find and remove by using broken links checker tools.

1. Broken Internal links

These are your own site’s web pages links. It may become a broken link due to editing permalinks, deleting posts, or changing the blogging platform such as blogger to WordPress.

So you must use the broken links checker tools after changing the blogging platform.

2. Broken External links

If you added some external links on your web page without checking whether those links are working or not. So if added external links are not working or incorrect then those links will become External broken links.

3. Broken links in comments

If you approve a comment that contains broken links then it also appears broken links within your site. 

4. Broken navigation links

Sometimes navigation on your site does not work properly. It also comes under broken links on your site. 

How to Find Broken Links? 

If your site has fewer posts and comments then you can check it manually by clicking on links present on your web pages.

But if your site has a large number of posts and comments then you need a broken links checker tool to find broken links on your site.

Just enter the home page URL or any webpage URL on the broken links checker tool to find broken links on a site or a web page. 

Impact of broken links on your site

The impact of the presence of broken links on your site is very bad. It can reduce not only traffic but also ranking, domain authority, page authority, and popularity.

That’s why you should use broken links checker tools to find and remove broken links. 

How to Fix Broken Links? 

Broken Links can be fixed from the tools and ideas which we have talked about in this article.

By utilizing these contraptions your page will get more guests and the Google arranging of your site will in like way improve.

Broken Links can be fixed without losing any data from the objections. 

As indicated by sources, Large Enterprises like Apple, IBM, Microsoft comparably have a few broken relationships in their areas.

The assessments under show the approx. level of massive endeavors. So you should use broken links checker tools to find broken links and ideas to remove them from your site. 

7 Best broken links checker tools

7 best broken links checker tools to find and remove dead links
Broken links checker tools

1. Sitechecker 

Sitechecker is an amazing tool to check broken links on your site. You can use its free version for limited features otherwise you will have to pay 14$/month for its pro version.

You can use the free version of this one of the most popular broken links checker tools if you are a beginner.

You can get the whole site overview on its pro version. Its pro version also provides a backlink tracker, watchwords rank tracker, SEO monitoring. Online Tool 

Sitechecker–Making site-specific thriving heavenly is sufficient something hard, yet an altogether need. 

Sitechecker site crawler truly looks at your site for broken affiliations and gives the entire data concerning how to address them. You can explore the anchors of 404 goof pages and fix them right away. 

It is a web contraption, so it will overall be obliged by any working framework. Also, the site on any CMS can be slithered. 


  • It channels 100 site pages in vain. 
  • It gives the absolute report of site explicit flourishing: broken affiliations, divert chains, transient affiliations, indexation goofs. 
  • It gives an SEO review of the specific page (free choice) and the entire site (month to month/yearly interest). 
  • It shows content mistakes: meta marks issues, unobtrusive pages. 
  • It makes a visual arrangement of the site by internal and outside interfacing. 
  • It executes site checking in the wake of creeping: can be exhorted on any fixes made on the site (paid choice). 
  • It recommends a backlink tracker and watchword arranging checker associations. (paid choice) 


  • You can examine just 100 pages in vain. 
  • You can’t trade information from a free enlistment. 

2. Semrush 

Semrush has a powerful tool to audit a site to find broken links or dead links. Semrush is also used for SEO audits, backlink audit, keyword research, and to find other useful site-related data. 

It is one of the best and most widely used broken links checker tools.

You can use its probable version for 99.95$/month, the master plan for 199.95$/month, and the business plan for 399.95$/month.

Semrush is an unprecedented site backlink checker that shows the entirety of the affiliations intended for your space. It gives the functionalities to discover everything about your and foe’s backlinks. 

Semrush assists with checking a site by executing a huge affiliation concentrate by looking over the advancing toward affiliations, anchor texts, understanding the outer relationship of the interfacing objections.

It moreover proposes geo-dispersal resources like graphs, pie-charts, and a world assistant. 

Courses of action: 

  • Semrush can organize a huge affiliation evaluation. 
  • It has parts to check backlink’s sort that will uncover to you the wellspring of your adversary’s do-follow joins, basic industry web sources, and the objections that are enthused about hinting your substance. 
  • It gives geo dispersing gadgets, for example, frameworks and pie diagrams for tracking down the appropriate responses. 
  • It has highlights that will allow you to see the excellent IP of recommending locales, IP courses by nations, and so on 


  • It is over the top when veered from others. 

3. W3C Link Checker 

W3C Link Checker gives you decisions while examining the destroyed relationship of your objections like element simply outline, stow away diverts, truly look at basically reports, heading, and so forth in the outcomes, it passes on the situation with the affiliation and records the issues found through truly looking at those destroyed joins.

This free terrible affiliation checker is a piece of Quality Web Tool and W3C’s Validators. 


  • It looks at the issues in the affiliations, gets, and suggested things in the whole site. 
  • Limitations can be set up on how huge the instrument goes. 
  • This contraption can in like way be downloaded and introduced to your design. 
  • It utilizes HTML and CSS for getting the best inevitable results of filtering. 


  • This contraption is genuinely apathetic. 
  • Mistake messages come in expansive words than is required. 

4. Online Broken Link Checker 

7 best broken links checker tools to find and remove dead links
Broken links checker tools

Online Broken Link checker is a free online website page validator gadget that takes a gander at your pages for broken affiliations, embraces find, and records horrendous hyperlinks if any beginning.

It can channel a limitless number of site pages. It works for both outside and inside affiliations. 

This gadget runs on Windows, iOS, Linux, and Mac OS. 

Courses of action

  • It can truly investigate limitless pages for both outside and inward URLs. 
  • It chooses an unpleasant affiliation situation in the HTML code. 
  • It sees linkrot and different issues of the site dependability. 
  • It keeps up with sub-areas. 


  • Not all around a free device. 
  • The free design has obstructions of 3,000 pages. 
  • The extent of the contraption will rely on your site. 

5. Dead Link Checker 

Dead Link Checker slithers your site purposefully and sees the entirety of the dead affiliations that angry your site. It is one of the best free broken links checker tools.

It can make an HTML yield for a casual evaluation of the outcomes and can develop an affiliation store report to accelerate different necessities.

Dead Link checker can see broken affiliations like Page not discovered, Timeout, Server mess up, and whatever other mistake that causes the site page not to be shown. 

Game plans: 

  • The dead affiliation has three procedures for measure for example Site Check, Multi Check, Auto Check. 
  • It channels the URL watchword with excellent cases. 
  • It can Pause and Resume at any period. 
  • It channels two or three affiliations in the meantime. 


  • Limit in the isolating of the pages. 
  • Change in the subdomains is viewed as a changed site and henceforth interfaces on those spaces won’t be checked. 

6. Dr. Affiliation Check .com 

Dr. Affiliation Checker breaks down all affiliations that contain inward and outside relationships with another site.

It can also really look at relationships with pictures, formats, and different records. You may use this one of the most popular broken links checker tools.

It studies all HTML and CSS code records and ranges your entire site. Each affiliation started by Dr.

Affiliation Checker goes through several checks to affirm that no dangers ought to be left which can hurt your objections. 


  • It investigates a site for 1000 relationships continually. 
  • It gives up added reports of inner, outside, and broken affiliations. 
  • Various reaches per interface. 
  • You can design checks to run along these lines according to your necessities. 


  • Bound pages ought to be examined. 
  • Not completely free. 
  • Notwithstanding, for the critical game-plan, just 2000 bound affiliations can be filtered each month. 

7. Xenu’s Link Sleuth 

It is a free open-source instrument to genuinely look at the destroyed interface for a site. 

It is ordinarily a relationship with your site and starts slithering the site. It is unimaginably fundamental and easy to use. For creeping, stick to your site. It can be used as one of the most useful broken links checker tools.

Best ideas to prevent your site from broken links

  • Don’t add any link to your post that is not live. 
  • If you have deleted any post or changed permalink then edit or delete internal links regarding such posts 
  • Check links within a comment before approving. 
  • Check external links from time to time to know whether those links are alive or dead. 

So friends, write SEO-friendly content and audit your site from time to time to find and solve issues within a site.

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