write seo-friendly content

7 Best ideas to write SEO-Friendly content to rank it on the top of GSR

Friends, every blogger knows that content is the king of any blog. But some of them don’t know to write SEO-Friendly content. So I’ll discuss in this post some important factors and ideas that will help you to write SEO-Friendly content.

write SEO-Friendly content

Friends, there are so many questions about SEO-Friendly content writing strategy in your mind. Such as what is SEO-Friendly content? How to write SEO-Friendly content? What are the factors that plays important role in writing powerful content?

Why do we need to write SEO-Friendly content for our blog? And finally what are the best ideas and techniques to write SEO-Friendly content? 

What is SEO-Friendly content? 

Content that follows rules of content optimization (On-Page SEO) such as use and length of tags, paragraphs, image SEO, content relevancy, keyword frequency, internal and external links availability, etc is called SEO-Friendly content.

You can get the help of the best content writing tools to write content easily.

Why do we need to write SEO-Friendly content? What are the benefits of writing SEO-Friendly content?

You should always try to write SEO-Friendly contents. Because such contents have a probability of fast indexing. You can rank your site on google search results by posting such powerful content. 

If your post will rank then your site will get high traffic. SEO visibility score will increase.

As a result, your site’s DA, PA, and revenue from your site will increase. Overall there are so many benefits of writing and posting SEO-Friendly posts on your blog.

That’s why you should write SEO-Friendly content for your blog. This is a time taking process but it will give you long time benefits. 

How to write SEO-Friendly content? 

You should use some factors within your content in the proper way to make content  SEO-Friendly. So you can write SEO-Friendly content by properly using SEO-Friendly content writing strategy. I’m going to describe this in this blog post. 

Best ideas to write SEO-Friendly content for traffic and ranking

how to write SEO-friendly content

1. Use of tags

You should use all the tags such as title tag, meta description tag, alt attributes tag at the perfect place under word limits. 

A. Title tag

The length of the title tag shouldn’t be more than 60 letters. Include some emotional words in the title tag. Such as best, ideas, trustworthy, believable, trusted, tested, fully working, examined, happy, sad, etc. 

B. Meta description tag

It is used to provide a summary of your content. You should use targeting keywords in the meta description tag. It should be of not more than 160 characters. 

C. Alt attributes tag

This tag is used in image settings to provide more information about images used within content. 

D. H tags

You should use only one H1 tag for any web page. What is an H tag? H1 tag is a web page title that shouldn’t be repeated. H2 tag is the content title. H3 tags are content subtitles.

H4 tags are micro titles. It is used to describe different parts of subtitles. So you should use all the H tags in the perfect place. 

2. Do image SEO

You should do image SEO for content. If you don’t know how to do image SEO then you can read the article’s best ideas to do image SEO. In short, you can do image SEO by uploading low weighted high quality, unique and content-related images at the perfect place on the web page.

And by adding title tag and alt attributes tag in the image. Image SEO will give your content a positive impact on traffic and appearance in search results.

3. Follow content presentation strategy

You should follow the content presentation strategy such as paragraph length, sentence length, links, text/Html ratio, etc.

A. Readability

Your content is how comfortable to read for users is called readability of your content. It depends upon these factors

a. Paragraph length

Keep paragraphs short for any content. It should be under 300 characters. So you should break the paragraph before reaching its length to 300 characters. It makes the content look good and easy to read for visitors.

b. Sentence length

Try to keep sentences of your content short as possible. A sentence that contains not more than 20 words is good for your content. Because the short sentences are easy to understand for users.

B. Text/Html ratio

You should keep the text/Html ratio of your content high. It is only possible when you will write long content. So try to write content with more than 1000 words. So try to write long and descriptive content.

C. Links

you should include internal and external links in your content.  

a. Internal links

If you have some content-related already published a post on your blog. Then add its link in your ready-to-publish content. It will give a positive sign to Google about the usability of your post. Adding your own blog post link in content is called internal linking. 

b. External linking

Add some external links to provide sources to get more content-related information to users. It will increase web page authority and popularity. 

4. Content relevance

7 Best ideas to write SEO-Friendly content in 2022 to rank it on the top of GSR

You should check how much your content is relevant to the post title and keyword. That means how much content justifying title tag and keyword. You can check it on the content relevance checker tool.

Make sure your content relevance score is over 99%. If it is less then edit your content to make it more relevant to post title and keyword.

You can check it on ‘ntopic.org’. You shouldn’t write content that is different from keywords and title tags. Because such content manipulates the users and search engines. And Google doesn’t like such SEO cloaking technique.

5. Keyword frequency

Choose perfect and relevant keywords for your content. You can get the best keyword from keyword research tools. Find keywords with high volume and low keyword Difficulty that can define your content well.

Use focused keywords 6 times within your content. You should highlight focusing keywords in the content. Also, you should use some relative keywords to increase organic traffic.

6. Use transition words and emotional words

You should use some transition words and some emotional words within your content. The transition words such as finally, obviously, extremely, also, etc encourage users to know more about your content. Also, You should use some emotional words to make your content attractive and shareable. 

7. Do SEO audit

Finally, after publishing your content you should audit it with the help of SEO audit tools. If your content has any On-Page SEO opportunities and errors then the SEO audit tool will indicate it.

These SEO audit tools will provide the sources and techniques to solve the On-Page SEO faults within your content. Edit your post again after publishing by following SEO audit tools instructions to make it more SEO-Friendly. Update your content after editing it.


So, friends, you should always try to write SEO-Friendly content by following the above-described ideas and techniques. Because it is necessary not only to increase traffic but also it is helpful to boost ranking and SEO visibility scores.

You can develop your content marketing strategy and link-building strategy by publishing SEO-Friendly, shareable, and useful content. That’s why you should use described 6 best ideas to write SEO-Friendly content to rank it on the top of Google Search Results(GSR)

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