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11 Best ideas to learn content marketing free for traffic and SEO

Friends, if you want to increase traffic to your site and boost authority. Then you may learn content marketing free to deliver your post content to most of the visitors. 

You can do it through content marketing. So I’m sharing the best idea to do content marketing free to grow your business and boost SEO

Friends, I’m sharing here the best ideas to learn content marketing free to develop your business, content marketing strategy, and the best free content marketing tools, You should use the best blogging platforms to create your blog.

An idea to learn content marketing course free with certificate, best free content marketing platforms that can help you to deliver your contents widely all over the world. 

11 Best ideas to learn content marketing free for traffic and SEO
Learn content marketing free

What is a content marketing strategy? How do we learn content marketing free?

Content marketing is a process by which you explore your content widely all over the world on the web to find more visitors to see your content. Content may be a blog post, an online service, web tool, product, etc.

There are two types of content marketing, paid and free. 

What is paid content marketing strategy? 

Advertising a business to find more visitors to increase sales and revenue is called a paid content marketing strategy. In other words, it is called paid promotion. 

You can explore your business by using some paid social tools, advertising with Google ads, Facebook audience, and other advertising companies, and paid promotion on YouTube by famous YouTubers. 

What is free content marketing strategy? 

Exploring your business using free ways to find more visitors and buyers to your content is called the free content marketing strategy.

You can promote your content free by using free social sharing tools like “AddThis”, commenting on similar content-providing sites, YouTube, by creating infographics, and images and sharing them on the web.

You can use free content marketing tools and free advertising agencies to promote your content. 

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Types of free content marketing strategy

There are 3 ways to do free content marketing to promote your content. 

1. Post content marketing

You can promote your content by posting it on post publishing platforms like medium.com, issuu.com, Slideshare, etc.

This is the most working way to get more unique visitors to the content. You can share your content on free social bookmarking sites to increase the visibility of your content.

Post content marketing
Learn content marketing free

2. Image content marketing

You can create images and infographics related to your content. And you can increase the visibility and CTR of your content by sharing these images and infographics on social sharing sites free of cost. 

3. Video content marketing strategy

You can explore your content by creating content-related videos and publishing these videos on free video publishing platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

Free content marketing course with certification

SEMrush is providing a free content marketing course with a certification program. You can learn content marketing free in-depth by watching the videos provided by SEMrush. 

You can get a certificate by passing an exam after completing the free content marketing strategy course free. 

Free content marketing tools and platforms

There are so many free content marketing tools and platforms with the help of which you can create and find the best images and infographics for your content.

You can get more unique visitors to your content by using those images and infographics. The free content marketing tools are:-

1. Canva

This is the best free tool to create images and infographics on the web. You can create eye-catching images and infographics regarding your content to use and share to get more visitors to your content. 

2. Text tool

The text tool is helping in writing content. So you can write content easily by using this tool. There are so many facilities in this tool such as word counting, letter counting, changing fonts in uppercase and lowercase, etc

3. Thinglink

This is also an image and infographics creating tool. You can create attractive and eye-catching images, infographics, videos, and 360 content to use and share for content marketing. 

4. Buffer

This is a free social sharing tool in which you can schedule your post for automatic share on included social media to explore your business. 

5. Hubspot’s bog topics generator

You need a good title for content to attract more visitors to your content. Hubspot’s blog topics generator may help in creating a good title for the content. 

6. Grammarly

This is a free tool to correct words, sentences,s, and phrases of content. So you should use its extension for the accuracy of your content. 

7. Pexels

You can use Pexels to get free high-quality copyright-free images to use for your content. There are so many stock image sites or copyright-free images sites from which you can get quality images for your content. 

8. Infogram

This is one of the best infographics-creating tools. You know how important and useful an infographic is to explore your content. So this is also a helpful tool to develop your content marketing strategy

9. Content idea generator

The content idea generator tool helps create ideas on which topic you should write content. Write a keyword on this tool and check.

This tool will provide 100 free ideas related to your keyword. It will help you in writing demandable and worthful content

10. Quora

Quora is the best question-answer platform. You can ask or write the answer to your category-related question to increase engagement with your content. Quora plays the best role in content marketing in semantic SEO.

11. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a free content marketing tool with the help of which you can audit the performance of any content on the web.

The performance data will help you in selecting the content idea to improve your business brand in 2021.

tips to do free content marketing
Learn content marketing free

These are some tools and tips for staying creative in your content marketing field. These are the trends you can’t ignore in 2021.

Because the global content marketing market is expected to grow by content marketing in the present and future. 

In this article, I tried to teach that how to use content marketing to improve your business, how to use SEO to boost content marketing efforts, how content marketing can strengthen your income, and how to create engaging content marketing topics using free tools. 

Friends, you can look at this article for the ultimate SEO content creation guide in 2022.

You can grow your business by increasing traffic, backlinks, and revenue by following these tips to win with content marketing in 2022. Also, you may follow these ideas to boost website traffic without SEO.

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