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Best Techniques to Check, and Improve SEO Visibility Score 2024

Friends, If you want to rank your site on Google and don’t want to lose the position of any ranked keyword then you should know about SEO visibility score. And follow these Best techniques to improve SEO visibility score to get more clicks from Google searches. 

Only then you can prevent any ranked keyword of your content from losing its position on Google. So I’m sharing here the best ideas to increase a site’s SEO visibility score.

SEO Visibility

Friends, In this post I’ll give the definition of SEO Visibility, ideas to increase SEO visibility score, Impact of SEO visibility in Google Search matrics. 

You’ll know here what is SEO visibility, How can we do higher-visibility SEO, What is a good SEO visibility score, How to check SEO visibility using the free SEO visibility checker tool.

What is SEO visibility?

SEO visibility may be defined as the percentage of users who visit your site for the query of a particular keyword. It means that what percentage of impression converts into clicks.  

Organic Traffic and visibility look the same but is different. Organic traffic is the total number of visitors who come to your site from organic search but SEO visibility is the percentage of visitors who come to your site to query a particular keyword.


SEO Visibility

Some important facts about SEO visibility

The average SEO visibility score of a site that ranks on the top is about 35. It can’t be 100 because no user may click on all related searches for a particular keyword. 

Suppose your site ranks for a particular keyword in 10th position then your SEO visibility score for that keyword will be around 2. But if your site doesn’t rank in 1st place for any keyword then the SEO visibility of that site will be Zero.  

If a site ranks higher in the search result for a particular keyword among all related searches then the SEO visibility score of that site will be high. 

Why it is important to audit a site for SEO visibility?

It is too important to regularly audit a site for SEO visibility. Because SEO visibility score is the performance report of a site for a particular keyword among all the related searches on the search result. 

If you see the downfall of SEO visibility score then you can work on the On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO to find your position again.

What is the difference between traffic and SEO visibility?


It is the total number of visitors that your site obtains from any source. These sources may be search results, the social media platform, article submission sites, profile creation sites, web 2.0 sites, directory submission sites, social sharing sites, traffic exchange sites, etc. So the total number of visitors who come to your site from any resources is called traffic.

SEO visibility

But the definition of SEO visibility is different from the definition of web traffic. SEO visibility is the percentage of visitors that your site obtains for a keyword among all sites using a similar keyword from the search results.

Factors that affect SEO visibility?

1. Google search algorithm updates

Google updates its algorithm from time to time to show content on the 1st page based on usability, quality, clickability, and sites authority. It may cause a loss or gain of SEO visibility

2. On-Page SEO

The On-Page SEO of content directly affects SEO visibility. If a content publisher is your competitor and they do well On-Page SEO then you. It means if your competitor optimizes the title tag, and content quality to make it more useful and attractive than you. It may cause a loss of your site’s SEO visibility.

3. Off-Page SEO

Link building strategy play important role in SEO visibility. Link building strategy increases sites authority. Content from an authority site has the probability to rank on the top. 

And ranking increases the possibility of getting more clicks. So your site’s SEO visibility also depends on the creativity and activeness of your competitors. 

Factors that indicate decrease your site SEO visibility

Some indications indicate a decrease in your site’s SEO visibility score. These indications are 

1. Sudden loss in organic traffic

If you audit your site’s organic traffic and find a sudden loss in it then you should think that your site’s SEO visibility is running down. In that case, you should use techniques to increase website traffic without SEO that’ll help to increase your site’s traffic and SEO Visibility score

SEO Visibility decrease

2. Indication of sudden down in potential gain and conversion rates

If you found a sudden down in potential gains conversion rates such as decreased sales, blog comments, organic traffic, and time on site then you should check your site’s SEO visibility value because it is an indication of decreasing your site’s SEO visibility score

How to improve your site’s SEO visibility score?

1. Audit and edit

Audit your site’s ranking and make your site’s content, title tag more user-friendly, useful, and attractive. So do well On-Page SEO to beat your competitors and improve your SEO visibility score

2. Make your Site Mobile Friendly

About 50% of total users use mobile to browse content on the web. That’s why you should use the mobile-friendly theme for your site or you may do well On-Page SEO to make content SEO-friendly

3. Audit server’s availability and functionality

Audit servers availability and Functionality that you use for your site. Because it affects directly your ranking. If someone clicks to query on your site. If they don’t find expected results fast due to your site’s speed which depends on the server’s functionality then your visitor will be diverted to another site. This action will lose your site’s ranking and SEO visibility score also. So try to use a good server for your site. 

4. Use a conical tag if needed

If you have duplicate content it means about the same two or more contents on your web page then you should use the conical tag.  This is a technique by which you add a webpage with duplicate content to the index but don’t allow it to show on SERP to others.  

You should index only one page out of all web pages containing duplicate content. And all such pages will be redirected to the indexed page by using the conical link.  

It prevents authority and ranking from dividing into different pages with duplicate content. So use a conical tag at the right place for preventing loss of position and SEO visibility score

5. Audit tags and URLs after changing the website’s design

If you change your website’s design then there is a possibility that the title tag, content URL, internal links URL, and structure of some codes may change. So you should audit and correct all these things after changing the website design. 

6. Audit and correct these technical issues of a site

a) URL should be indexable

Check your URL it would not be blocked by the robot.txt file. URL must be indexable because you can’t rank your site for a blocked URL.  Make sure that you used the canonical tag correctly for fast indexing your site. It plays an important role in ranking and SEO visibility scores. Check all pages that are not indexed or showing the 404 error code.  

b) Use redirects correctly

You can use many redirects on your site but make sure that your browser finds them as permanent redirects with 301 code. 

c) Don’t try to rank more than one web page having similar keywords

You should not try to rank more than one-page containing similar keywords. Because it may cause a loss of your site’s rank and SEO visibility score. 

d) Internal linking strategy

Internal linking is the most valuable factor that shows the possible effects on a site’s ranking and SEO visibility score. So you should use an internal linking strategy to provide more content-related information to users.  

e) Google snippet

Google snippet may cause SEO visibility loss or gain for your site. If you rank for a keyword on the top of Google search results then you expect an SEO visibility score of around 26. 

Rank for featured snippets

But if you find a snippet before your content then the SEO visibility score may decrease to around 19. Do try to come on Google snippet by writing unique and informative content that provides solutions to users’ queries. You can do it by doing well On-Page SEO.  

Friends, these are the best ideas and techniques applying which you can improve your site’s SEO visibility score to get more clicks from Google search.  

How to check the SEO visibility of a site?

1. Check SEO visibility yourself

You can check the SEO visibility of your site yourself by auditing your site’s organic traffic, CTR, and position change in Google search results. 

2. SEO visibility score checker tool

You can check your site’s SEO visibility score by using this SEO visibility score checkers tool. You’ll get all data related to your site’s visibility and ranking by using this too. 

Friends, I tried to explain SEO visibility in a simple way that you can understand although if there is any confusion,  you are free to ask.  

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