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7 Best trending ideas to get traffic from Medium in 2024

Hi friends, Do you know that You can get traffic from ‘ If you own a blog and want to increase traffic to your blog then you should use a free article publishing platform from where you’ll get quality traffic to your site.

This is a high authority free platform using which you can increase your web traffic amazingly. 

Friends, I’m Gyan, In this post, I’m sharing the best using ideas to increase not only the web traffic but also backlinks, site authority, and SEO score. 

What is

get traffic from medium
Get traffic from medium is a site that allows the publisher to republish their already published articles. Medium has millions of traffic per month. It is a high authority site. 

So you can get huge traffic to your blog by republishing your already published blog articles on medium. In this way, you can get traffic from Medium.

Some other platforms can be used to increase website traffic without SEO.   Your post may rank on Google’s 1st page with the help of In this way, you can get more visitors to your blog.

How to submit an article to

It is so simple to publish an article on a medium. Just go to the site Sign up with a Google account. Edit your profile in the profile section. 

You can publish a fresh article or able to republish your blog post by using the import feature. It’ll help you to get traffic from Medium.

You can publish the full article or some parts of the article on to bring visitors to your blog to know more.  

get traffic from medium
Get traffic from medium

Why you should use 

It provides an easy use import tool provides an import feature with the help of which you can import any blog post to publish on It is so easy to use to get traffic from Medium.

Go to the story section by clicking on your profile icon. You’ll see two options write a story and import a story. 

Choose to import a story, write the post URL on the given box and click import. Then publish it by clicking publish button. You can select up to five tags for your post. You can edit your post anytime.  

The Stats section shows engagement metrics

The stats feature provides the engagement data with the help of which you can audit which post is performing well on

It will help you to decide which types of posts you should publish on your blog and republish on  

Opportunity to connect with big publishers

There is an opportunity to connect with big publishers to get unique visitors to your blog to Skyrock the blog’s traffic. 

You can do it by commenting on the posts of big publishers, and publishing fresh and unpublished articles on big medium publications.

Best ideas to get traffic from medium

1. Post shareable content to your blog regularly

You should post shareable content to your blog on regular basis. What do you mean by shareable content? Content that has some value for readers. 

A content that can attract users to come to your blog again and again. A content by reading which someone can learn something new, interesting can help them to grow in their destination. 

So write such types of posts regularly to your blog. Because you can’t get traffic from any platform for worthless content. 

2. Publish your blog post on regularly

You should not only publish your blog post on regularly but also share it with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, etc. 

You can do paid promotions for your post on Google ads or Facebook ads may bring your post to the list of trending articles. Regular publishing posts on Medium is one of the best techniques to get traffic from Medium.

3. Share other’s related useful posts to boost the medium profile

You should publish other reliable sites’ useful, interesting, and trending posts related to your site’s post to medium. 

Use some of your post links on those posts to drive more traffic to your blog. 

This is the best idea to increase the traffic and popularity of your site. You can attract to your medium blog. 

As a result, your medium profile got strong which will bring more traffic to your site.

get traffic from medium
Get traffic from medium

4. Audit your post on medium regularly

Audit your post published on on the regular basis to find more and less traffic driving posts. 

It will help to decide which types of posts you should publish. 

Do some changes on less traffic-driving posts and publish them again that should be helpful for your blog. 

5. Use a best and most attractive image to get traffic from Medium

An eye-catching clear and post-related image will force visitors to know more about your post. 

So you should always use a clear and attractive image. 

You can create images from Canva or by using other photo editing tools and apps. 

You can get high-definition best copyright-free images from stock image sites. 

6. Post articles on medium publication 

Articles posted on medium publications are also a good idea for driving traffic to your site. 

There are so many medium publications that have lots of followers. 

You can get unlimited traffic by posting articles on which. 

But remember that you should not publish any duplicate content on those medium publications even an article published on your site. 

Then how you can get traffic from medium publications? The answer is simple.

You can add one or two links to related posts published on your blog. 

These are the ways to work with medium publications to increase traffic, backlinks, and the SEO score of your blog. You should this one of the best ways to get traffic from

get traffic from medium
Get traffic from medium

7. Do comments on medium publications posts

Commenting on medium publications is also a good idea to get traffic to your site. 

The result of engagement should be familiar to you to drive traffic to your blog. 

In this way, your medium profile will travel to so many visitors, If you do post related unique comments then your medium profile may get engaged. 

You should follow some great media publications that will bring an increase in followers to your profile. 

If anyone does comment on your post then try to reply fast. It will show that you are updated on medium. Also, it will help you to get traffic from Medium.


These are some best ideas to drive traffic to your site using But it is not possible for a short time.

Although you should use only legal ways not illegal ways to increase traffic and ranking such as cloaking in SEO

You will have to work hard, get engaged wait for a time to gain traffic from 

You can increase not only the traffic but also backlinks and SEO score with the help of 

It will help you to boost the off-page SEO of your site. These are the ideas to use medium to promote your blog.

Friends, these are some best ways to get traffic from Medium but there are so many other working ways that you can try to get traffic to your site.

You may submit a guest post to some best free guest posting sites.

Use the best blogging tools for blog and content optimization to boost ranking and traffic.

You can submit your blog to the best free blog submission sites.

You may create free blogs on the best free blogging platforms.

Make practice to use some powerful words within your content.

Share your content on different popular social media platforms like Facebook groups, Reddit, WhatsApp groups, Instagram, Linkedin, etc to increase traffic to your site.

Also, you may create web stories to get unlimited organic traffic to your site. If you like and write a post for sports like FIFA World Cup, Cricket World Cup, IPL, etc then you may share them on Medium for quick web traffic.

You should create profiles on some best profile creation sites like Medium, including your experiences and types of content that you publish on your site. It’ll amazingly boost your site’s traffic, authority, and ranking.

Friends, please share this post with your blogger friends so that they can get traffic from Medium and another best sources.

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