different types of SEO strategies

What are 12 different types of SEO strategies? How to apply them to grow search appearance

Friends, if you run a blog or website then you need to know about different types of SEO strategies in 2022. It’s using purpose, procedure, and impact on your site. What is the impact of applying these SEO strategies on your site?

different types of SEO strategies

Friends, I’ll discuss different types of SEO strategies and the main motto to use in this article. And also, I’ll provide the best ideas to use different types of SEO strategies in different situations for specific purposes. 

What is SEO? 

Friends, 1st of all you need to know what is SEO? You may understand it as, the Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique that is used to make a site easy to crawl, provide the best user experience, bring organic traffic, and boost strength to rank it on the top of Google, and on the 30 different types of best search engines

What are the different types of SEO Strategies?

Friends, there are mainly 3 types of SEO, 1. Technical SEO, 2. On-Page SEO, and 3. Off-Page SEO. But on basis of its using purpose, it may be divided into so many types. 

Friends, now I’m going to describe all the probable different types of SEO strategies. It’s using purpose, situations, techniques, and how it affects the site’s traffic, and ranking. 

1. Technical SEO strategy

Technical SEO strategy is the technique that is used to make a site easy to crawl by the Search Engines Crawlers. It can be done by submitting your site on Google Search Console, submitting XML Sitemap, adding structured data, etc.

It will help the Crawlers to categorize your site and their web pages for fast indexing. Technical SEO strategy is also known as a pre-post SEO strategy. So applying this SEO strategy perfectly increases the probability to rank your site at the top of Google search results.

That’s why you should audit your site for probable technical SEO issues. Try to solve all the technical SEO issues within your site to secure ranking. 

How to do technical SEO of a site? 

The most important process to do technical SEO for a site. 

  • Submit and verify your site on the Google search console
  • Submit your site’s XML sitemap to Google search console and other trusted search engines. 
  • Try to fix crawl errors indicated in coverage reports. 
  • Make your site fast loading. It can be done with the help of Google Page Speed insights
  • Optimize robots.txt file to make your site easy to access by search engines
  • Optimize your site structure and URL structure to make it user-friendly and crawl-friendly.

I’ve published a list of 15 probable technical SEO issues along with proper solutions that will help you better understand them. Also, you can find and solve technical SEO issues within your site with the help of this article.

different types of SEO strategies

2. On-Page SEO Strategy

The On-Page SEO strategy is used to make your site and its web pages user-friendly to increase the user experience and ranking probability. Also, the search engine bots check every web page and then decide based on the on-page optimization which page should appear on the top.

That’s why you should do well On-Page SEO of a web page to increase your SEO visibility score and rank it at the top of Google searches. You can do it by optimizing the title tag, H1 tag, content, image, etc.

You can read these 10 best ideas to do On-Page SEO to better understand, and apply for your site to rank on Google.

(A) SEO Content strategy

It is a part of On-Page SEO that is used to make your content SEO friendly and user-friendly. Which is necessary to increase user experience. It is done by optimizing heading, subheadings, paragraph length, sentence length, text size, internal linking, external linking, keywords, etc.

These 7 best ideas to write SEO-friendly content must be helpful to better understand the Content SEO Strategy

In short, for SEO content strategy you need to;

  • Write text-rich content.
  • Keep paragraphs short.
  • Do well keyword research before writing content.
  • Care for keyword consistency within your content.
  • Keep sentences short to make them easy to understand.
  • Optimize title tag and subtitle tag by using them in perfect places.

(B) Image SEO strategy

Image SEO is used to make the content look good for attracting visitors. The page speed of any web page depends upon the weight of images used in the content. Image quality and content relativity are responsible to increase or decrease user experience.

So image SEO is also a ranking factor. That’s why you should do image SEO for content to make them easy to rank on Google. These 13 image SEO best practices will help you to make your content SEO-Friendly.

(C) Voice Search SEO Strategy

This SEO Strategy is used to increase traffic from those communities that mostly use the voice search feature for browsing any result on the web. For it, you’ll have to optimize the H1 tag and keywords of your web page based on the user’s intent of voice search for that specific keyword.  

3. Off-Page SEO strategy

The Off-Page SEO strategy is used to boost the site’s strength, authority, popularity, organic traffic, and active users. It means this strategy is used to promote a site to attract visitors and build authority.  The best use of the Off-Page SEO strategy increases the chances to rank a site on the top of GSR.

different types of SEO strategies

How to do Off-Page SEO?

You can do Off-Page SEO for any site by link-building and brand promotion

Link building

Link-building is the most important part of Off-Page SEO. Because it boosts DA, PA, DR, and ranking of any site. 

You can get high-quality and valuable backlinks for your site by;

Brand promotion

It is also the most important part of the Off-Page SEO strategy to increase traffic to a site. It also helps in building the trust of a site. 

How to promote a site for traffic and action?

You can promote your site by;

Also. you can use these techniques to promote your blog without SEO to get real traffic to your site.

SEO strategy is divided into 4 parts based on its using tendency and procedure 

4 different types of SEO strategies based on using tendency 

1. White-Hat SEO

In this SEO technique, Users try to boost their site’s traffic, ranking, and authority without breaking any rules of Google search engine guidelines. This is the time-consuming and patience needed but a legal method to rank your site on Google searches.

There is no chance to get banned by Google if you use White-Hat SEO techniques to boost website ranking. So this is the high reward providing method by covers low-risk.

2. Black-Hat SEO

In this SEO technique, the website honor or SEO agencies try to improve the site’s traffic and ranking without caring about Google search engine guidelines. SEO cloaking is a part of this technique in which visitors are redirected to the unexpected web page.

You can boost the site’s traffic, ranking, and sales for short time by using the Black-Hat SEO technique. But in the future, your site might get banned by Google. So you should avoid Black-Hat SEO techniques to boost the site’s ranking.

3. Grey-Hat SEO

It is the in-between technique of White-Hat SEO and Black-Hat SEO. The grey-Hat SEO technique is used by SEO agencies to fulfill their work quota within limited periods.

In this SEO technique SEO agencies directly don’t break any rule of Google search engine guidelines. But indirectly some rules have been broken by them to get targeted sales.

4. Negative SEO

This SEO technique is used by the site’s competitors or enemies to de-rank a site. They do it by using bad link-building techniques for your site, posting negative reviews about your site on different platforms, anyway pointing your domain to the blocked sites, etc.

You should care for it. So you should analyze backlinks by auditing your site from time to time. If you find any bad links pointing to your site then try to remove them. You can do it by using the Google disavow tool.

5 different types of SEO strategies based on the site promotion

 1.eCommerce SEO strategy

The SEO of eCommerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc is harder than the optimization of a normal blog or website. The eCommerce SEO technique is used to increase traffic, ranking, and sales on these eCommerce sites.

So SEO experts are hired for it who use the content marketing techniques and work on these important eCommerce SEO factors;

  • Optimization of the home page and content page based on keyword research and user’s intent.
  • Publishing content related to a product that has to promote,
  • Providing strong reasons for buying that product.
  • Promoting eCommerce sites on different popular social media sites.
  • Optimization of all visual factors such as images, and videos, according to users’ intent to make them attractive to boost traffic and action.
  • Optimizing schemas for new offers, discounts, and product details.

2. SEO content marketing strategy

SEO content marketing strategy is used to promote content on the web to attract visitors. If your site will get unique visitors, clicks and sales will automatically increase.

The most important facts of SEO content marketing strategy;

  • Post content marketing.
  • Image content marketing.
  • Video content marketing.
  • Using tools for content marketing.

These are the ways using which you can boost SEO content marketing strategy to increase traffic and conversion rate. You can read these 11 best ideas to learn SEO content marketing strategies to improve a site’s SEO visibility score, traffic, and ranking.

3. Local SEO strategy

It is used to promote a product on the local market to increase sales or action from local locations. This strategy is suitable for those business honors who want to sell their products or services locally. 

different types of SEO strategies

If you want to apply the local SEO strategy for your site or business then make sure that;

  • You have added your business name and contact details on every page of your website. 
  • You have added active phone numbers, WhatsApp numbers, business emails, and easy-to-find locations in contact details.
  • You have added the local business schema on the website’s home page.
  • You have Google my business account.

4. International SEO strategy

This SEO strategy is used to get visitors to your site from the international market. You can get organic traffic from different regions by using an International SEO strategy. It will help to increase unique and active users to your site from targeted regions.

To know that you have used correctly International SEO Strategy for your site, make sure that you have;

  • Provided facilities to your target audience for purchasing products in their currencies and languages.
  • Provided facility of conversation in their language if your audience has any queries.
  • Adjusted the date and time for different regions in their formats.
  • Listed products on your site according to the interest of the International audience. 
  • Promoted your website with popular and trusted platforms in your targeted regions.

5. Mobile SEO strategy

Mobile SEO strategy is used to bring traffic from mobile because more than 60% of all internet users browse the internet with mobile or smartphone. So it is too necessary to make your site mobile-friendly to attract mobile users. 

different types of SEO strategies

Also, more than 60% of searches on Google are performed by mobile or smartphone users. That’s why Google preferred to index those pages first that are mobile-friendly. 

You can do it by selecting a mobile-friendly theme, caring for page loading speed on mobile, and selecting the ad format that doesn’t decrease mobile users’ experience.  

These are some of the mobile SEO strategies used to increase traffic from mobile users to your site.

Friends, these upper described different types of SEO strategies are responsible for your site’s traffic, conversion rate, and ranking. So the best use of needed SEO strategies can make your site trusted, popular, and profitable.

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