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How to find best tool for SEO audit? 11 best SEO audit tools to secure ranking

Hi Friends, If you own a site then you should audit your site. You can do it by using the best tool for SEO audit from time to time to find and solve issues within your site.

Through this post, I’m introducing you to the 11 best tools for SEO audit that will help to improve your site’s performance and overall ranking.

So select the best tool for SEO audit from the given updated list of the best free website audit tools. But for it, you need to know how to do an SEO site audit.

Friends, In this post, I’ll provide a full description using the techniques of some best SEO analyzer tools.

It will help you to find the best tool for SEO audits. You may use the best free blogging tools to do all your blogging work.

Know here, what is an SEO audit tool. How to do an SEO site audit? Why do we need to audit our website? Can we find and solve issues within our site with the help of the best SEO auditing tools? 

What are the benefits of using SEO audit tools? And what are the things that you can check in SEO audit tools?

So should always use the best tool for SEO audit to get the best ideas to increase web traffic, popularity, and appearance in Google search results along with different most popular search engines.

What is an SEO audit tool?

An SEO audit tool is a tool using which we can get informed about the facts which positively or negatively impact a site’s SEO strategy and growth.

You can get here information about your site’s On-Page SEO, Links, Usability, Performance, Social media, etc. The best SEO audit tool shows you issues within your site.

And also provide the techniques to solve those issues which are badly impacting your site’s growth.

How to do an SEO site audit?

It is so simple to perform an SEO site audit. Just write your site’s domain name on any best tool for SEO audit. Start auditing.

It will show you data related to your site which is playing a supporting or an unsupporting role in the site’s growth, traffic, and ranking. 

Can we solve the site’s issues in the SEO audit tools?

No, you can’t solve your site’s issues in the SEO audit tool but you’ll get ideas, techniques, and sources to solve a site’s issues.

An SEO audit tool is only to provide information about the impact of the site’s growth factors within your site.

It automatically doesn’t solve any problem but provides sources to solve it. So you can find and solve issues within your site with the help of the best SEO audit tool.

How to find the best tool for SEO audit?

If you are caring for your site’s growth, popularity, traffic, and ranking then you should audit it from time to time.

Because the SEO audit tool indicates the factors which are responsible for increasing or decreasing DA, PA, and SEO visibility scores.

That’s why you need to audit your site using the best tool for SEO audit at regular intervals. 

To find the best tool for SEO audit, You should perform a site audit on every tool one by one. Then compare data provided by every tool.

That tool will be the best tool for SEO audit which will provide you a wide range of useful data with maximum accuracy.

An updated list of best SEO audit tools (2022)

1. Free SEO audit tools by Google

Google provides so many tools for SEO audits that are free. But Google search console, Google analytics, and google tag manager are the most useful and popular SEO audit tools.

Google search console is a must-use tool. Because you need a search console for your site to index it on google. 

You can check here site’s performance, CTR, indexability of web pages, internal and external links, inbound links, the performance of web pages, etc.

Google Analytics shows you traffic to your site from different sources and different locations.

2. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is an awesome tool for SEO audit available in both free and paid versions. It is one of the best tools for SEO audits. But you can perform only 3 checks a day free.

You will have to import the search console data for SEO audit on this tool. Also, you can get here keyword ideas and backlinks data. 

So this tool may be used as a keywords research tool and backlinks audit tool along with as an SEO audit tool. You can get here SEO issues within your site and techniques to solve them.

best too for SEO audit

3. SEOptimer

SEOptimer is also a great tool for SEO audits. You can get information that matters in a site’s growth. It can be your best tool for SEO audits.

This tool shows your site’s On-Page SEO, presence of main keywords, performance, usability, security, backlinks data, and connectivity of social media to your site.

But you can perform only 3 free SEO audits a day on this tool.

best tool for SEO audit

4. Screaming SEO Spider tool

SEO spider tool is another popular, flexible, and useful best tool for SEO audit. You can use it free with limited features or buy any paid plan to get more features.

You can check broken links, page title analysis, duplicate content, render JS, and much more free for 500 URLs.

The question is how to access the Screaming SEO spider tool for free. For it, go to the pricing section chose a free plan, and get it to use for SEO audit.

best tool for SEO audit

5. Alexa SEO audit tool

Alexa SEO audit tool is a paid tool but you are free to use its free trial before purchasing. It performs so many checks such as On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, speed analysis, and many more.

The main feature of this tool is that it indicates errors within a site with priority and provides the solution techniques. 

You can use this tool free to know your site’s Alexa rank globally or for a specific country, keywords appearance on the web, engagement, time on the site, keyword opportunity, etc

best tool for SEO audit

 6. Ahrefs Webmaster tool

Ahrefs webmaster tool is a free to use best tool for SEO audit. You will have to import data from the google search console to this tool to audit your site for SEO.

Know here about page performance, backlinks, and 100 issues within your site.

It indicates not only issues for a site but also provides ideas to solve them. Know in this tool, which keywords are performing well within your site to drive traffic.

best tool for SEO audit

7. Small SEO tools

You can perform so many checks in Small SEO tools. It provides a bunch of useful tools.

Such as SEO checker, backlinks checker, plagiarism checker, image compressor, domain authority checker, keyword position checker, and many more.

It is a very useful tool that will help you from content writing to search engine optimization


WooRank is also a good SEO audit tool that provides information about On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, broken links, backlinks data, and affected pages.

It also provides solutions to solve all the site-affecting factors to make your site SEO-friendly.

best tool for SEO audit


Semrush is another best tool for SEO audits. Its free version is also very useful.

There are so many features available in this tool that will help to make your site a better-performing site as compared to a competitor’s site.

You can get ideas to do your site better by reviewing other’s site’s data and implementing it within your site.

best tool for SEO audit

10. Moz

Moz toolbar can be used as the best tool for SEO audits. It is an all-in-one SEO tool that is used by many marketers to secure their site’s ranking.

It has the strongest On-Page SEO tool that indicates issues and solution techniques to increase On-Page SEO score.

You can install the Moz extension on your desktop to audit any site’s DA, PA, and spam score. 

You can find domains that are responsible to increase your site’s spam score. You can perform so many comparative checks in this tool to better understand issues, solutions, and improvement possibilities.

You can use the Moz pro version for free during its free trial period of 30 days. If you feel, you need this tool for a long time then you can subscribe to it for 99$/month.

best tool for SEO audit

11. Page speed insights

Page speed insights is a free tool provided by Google to check a site’s speed on different devices. It also indicates page speed decreasing factors.

You can manually remove page speed lowering factors to increase the site’s speed.

Because good site speed help to rank it on Google search results. Image SEO is helpful to speed up a site.

best tool for SEO audit

Friends these are some best SEO audit tools that can be used to secure your site’s ranking by solving all SEO-related issues within your site.

Because you will get here keywords ideas, and techniques to boost the On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, content marketing strategy, and SEO visibility score. 

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