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What is SEO cloaking? Using techniques and drawbacks

To understand the SEO cloaking techniques at first you should know what is SEO cloaking techniques? And why should you avoid this technique to get unlimited web traffic and to rank on Google?

Friends, In this post I’ll try to explain what is SEO Cloaking technique. How can you get unlimited traffic by using cloaking in SEO? 

What are the benefits and drawbacks of the cloaking technique in SEO? Also, you’ll know why should you avoid using cloaking in SEO in 2021 to get high traffic and ranking in google search results.

What is SEO Cloaking?

what is SEO cloaking

Cloaking in SEO is a traffic-gaining technique in which a site honor manipulates the search engine to show different descriptions for their web page in Google search results. 

In other words, you may understand that SEO Cloaking is a process used to provide content or information different from the present in search results. 

Also, SEO cloaking may be explained as an SEO technique in which content presented in search engine results is different from the content that appeared in the user’s browser. 

If you click on such content in search of the query then you may land on an unexpected page. So this technique is used to manipulate the search engine and user that’s why SEO cloaking is also known as black-hat SEO

Cloaking is a doorway technique that is used as a spamdexing technique to manipulate the search engine for getting a higher ranking for a specific keyword in the search engine spider.

I think that these definitions are enough to understand what is SEO Cloaking

What are the types of Cloaking in SEO and how it is implemented?

There are 5 types of SEO Cloaking used to get traffic and rankings fast. But Google doesn’t like this habit and such sites may be panelized if detected using the SEO Cloaking techniques to get traffic and ranking.

What is SEO cloaking

5 types of SEO Cloaking

1. IP Based cloaking

This is the most used SEO Cloaking technique. Users are redirected to the desired page from an already ranked web page using the user’s IP address.

A site honor identifies a user’s IP address using the DNA reverse facility available in the c-panel. Then they set up .htaccess to redirect it to the desired page.

2. User-Agent cloaking

This SEO cloaking technique is also used by many site honors. This is a program in which a web browser acts as a user agent.

The web browser sends a code to the server to identify the user agent for any query. If the web browser identifies the user agent a crawler then sends them cloaked content.

3. HTTP_REFERER Cloaking

In this SEO cloaking technique, the users are identified by HTTP_REFERER Header to send them cloaked or uncloaked contents.

4. HTTP Accept-language header-based cloaking 

This is an SEO Cloaking technique in which contents are served by identifying the user’s HTTP accept-language header. Cloaked content is served if a user is a search engine. 

5. JavaScript cloaking

In this cloaking technique, the different versions of content are served based on Javascript enabled and disabled users. Search engines are Javascript disabled so cloaked content is served to them.  

These are some SEO Cloaking techniques used by some sites to boost web traffic and ranking. But it may give you short-time benefits and a big loss for a long time. 

If you use the SEO cloaking technique then your site may be blacklisted and thrown out from Google search.

How to do SEO cloaking

Ways of implementing cloaking in SEO

HTML rich content website

A good website should have a high text content ratio. It is only possible by writing long content. But some website has short content that’s why the text content ratio of that site are low. Such a site’s honor uses SEO cloaking to rank

Invisible text

Some sites honor do keyword stuffing but hide such texts by matching the text color with the background color. This action is also called cloaking in SEO


In this way, different web pages are served to JavaScript-enabled users and JavaScript-disabled users(search engines).

JavaScript can be used to show content to JavaScript disabled users which is a search engine that matches the textual information from flash or other multimedia sources.

Flash-based website

Some flash-based websites are created to get traffic and ranking for their desired web pages. For it, they create a web page in plain HTML. 

They provide a content-rich web page to search engine crawlers and flash that web page to the desired page. 

This is an unacceptable technique according to SEO guidelines although some websites honor using this technique to get more traffic and a good ranking.

These are the techniques used by scammers to fool search engines into ranking useless pages higher are called black hat SEO or cloaking in SEO

Should you use cloaking in SEO in 2022 for traffic and ranking? What will Google do if you use cloaking?

Why should you avoid using SEO cloaking for traffic in 2021

If you are thinking to use the SEO cloaking technique in 2021 to boost web traffic and ranking then I’ll say you, don’t do so. 

Because you trick and manipulate the search engine to show unwanted web pages in this technique. And SEO cloaking is considered a black-hat SEO technique

So if you use this technique then a strict and complex algorithm of Google search engine sooner or later will identify you doing spamdexing. 

For it, your website may get a penalty and maybe blacklisted. Because according to Google search console central cloaking is considered a violation of webmaster guidelines. As a result, the entire web pages of your site will disappear from the Google search. 

So you’ll lose ranking and source of organic traffic. This is why you should avoid using cloaking in SEO in 2021 to get more traffic and ranking. And also you should protect your site from attackers who may do SEO cloaking or SEO spamming within your site.

So, friends, you shouldn’t use cloaking in SEO to get instant traffic, ranking, indexing, and revenue. But you should follow legal ways to rank on Google.

These ways are doing On-Page SEO, free content marketing, social sharing, republishing your content on popular content republishing sites, and creating high-quality do-follow backlinks to boost Off-Page SEO.

You always try to boost your site’s SEO visibility score. These tactics will help to gain real organic traffic for your site.

Who does SEO cloaking and why?

Some product-selling agencies do SEO cloaking with the help of attackers. They try to break the security of your site and if they succeed then they could hide some links within your web pages by using the cloaking technique.

They do so to promote and rank their web pages within search engines through your site. Now the question is why they don’t do cloaking on their site.

The answer is, they know that using SEO cloaking may result in a site being blacklisted and penalized. So they don’t do SEO cloaking within their sites.

What you should do if you find using SEO cloaking within your site? or how we solve if someone doing bad SEO against your website?

If you found using SEO cloaking within your site then you should take action as fast as you can. Because long-term using cloaking may result in a site being blacklisted that you know already.

You can bring out your site from spamming yourself if you have coding knowledge. But if you don’t know how to do it then you should hire an SEO specialist to solve your problem. 

Friends, you read in this article what is SEO cloaking. How to do cloaking in SEO? what are the types of SEO cloaking, and why does Google penalize and blacklisted sites that use cloaking in SEO?

Why you should avoid using SEO cloaking or SEO spamming within your site? Who mainly does cloaking in SEO? and what to do if you find that your site is used for SEO cloaking?

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