11 best SEO keyword rank checker tools to audit site progress

Friends if you run a blog or website then you should use SEO keyword rank checker tools to audit your site’s performance on the web for different keywords. As you use the keyword research tools and site audit tools.

best SEO keyword rank checker tools
SEO keyword rank checker tools

Friends, In this post I’ll provide valuable information about some best SEO keyword rank checker tools. You can check the position of any specific keyword with the help of SEO keyword rank checker tools.

Also, I’ll provide answers to some frequently asked questions such as what is an SEO keyword rank checker tool? Why should we use SEO keyword rank checker tools? 

What is an SEO keyword rank checker tool? 

SEO keyword rank checker tool is a source to check the position of a specific keyword on the web globally or in a specific country. 

Why we should use SEO keyword rank checker tools? 

You should use SEO keyword rank checker tools because it provides information about the position change of your keywords. It will help you to find the most performing keyword. You can track your progress and try to increase your SEO visibility score, website traffic, and Google ranking by publishing evergreen content.

11 best SEO keyword rank checker tools to audit site progress

1. Semrush 

Semrush is used not only to check keyword rank but also it can be used for keyword research and as the best tool for SEO audit. So SAMRUS is one of the best SEO, keyword rank checker tools.

Best for Small and medium affiliations, visitor appropriating content to a blog, and investigating strategies of contenders. In like way exceptional for explicit SEO reviews. 

Worth: 7 Day Free Trial, $99.95 Pro Plan, $199.95 Guru Plan, $399.95 Business Plan. 

Semrush has been driving the charge on rank truly taking a gander at devices since the time its beginning stage. It licenses clients to review both the contender likewise as their substance.

It gives its clients the best-performing pages, content, and articulations by utilizing stunning assessments. 

Semrush has shown to be a salvation to different online business stores and site proprietors in understanding the SEO methodologies of their enemies. It is the best gadget out there for little and medium-sized undertakings. It is one of the best SEO keyword rank checker tools on the web.

best SEO keyword rank checker tools
SEO keyword rank checker tools

Best Parts 

Customary Research, Thing Listing ADS, Traffic Analytics, Publicizing Research 


Extravagant for cutting-edge highlights,  Announcing stirred up information regarding backlinks and attachments. 


Overall, Semrush is best for basically nothing and medium-sized affiliations, and can without a doubt help the clients in making visitor adding to a blog technique and contender assessment. 

It in addition turns out only extraordinary in directing genuine watchword research in attempts to make your substance rank higher. For novices, this device can end up being genuinely puzzled. 

2. AccuRanker 

AccuRanker is also a useful tool to check the position of any specific keyword. It will help you to decide on which types of keywords you should write SEO-FRIENDLY content. AccuRanker is another best SEO keyword rank checker tool.

Best for Large endeavor relationship with cash to set something to the side for articulation following. 

Worth: 14 Days Free Trial, $49/mo for 500 watchwords, $2499/mo for 100,000 articulations.  

AccuRanker is an exciting gadget that licenses you to follow positions for up to 100,000 watchwords.

Taking into account the trade-off of instruments like google search control center and google assessment, the clients can expect to get aggregate and sharp information for each watchword. 

What tops off an overall advantageous thing is the way that AccuRanker licenses you to offset watchword rankings with your best 10 enemies.

Your rankings are restored dependably, in like way the information you get is for every circumstance new. Besides, AccuRanker doesn’t restrict the measure of districts the clients ought to follow. 

best SEO keyword rank checker tools
SEO keyword rank checker tools

Best Parts 

Reliably Rank Checks, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics Integration, Vast Domains, Vast Users, Easy to use Interface 


Restricted Keyword Tracking, Cost 


AccuRanker’s best part is its direct interface, properly permitting information to be introduced in an aggregate and spellbinding manner. 

Notwithstanding, AccuRanker works in rank checking just and winds up costing tantamount to other much more sweeping positions genuinely looking at instruments keeping an eye out.

In case you are searching for an in-all-cases SEO strategy, AccuRanker isn’t the best gadget for you. 

3. Ahrefs 

Ahrefs tool is used in a wide range. It provides data with maximum accuracy. You can find the position of any specific keyword. Know about best-performing keywords and write SEO-Friendly content on similar keywords. It is a costly but one of the best SEO keyword rank checker tools.

It will help to increase the SEO visibility score. So you can select it as the best SEO, keyword rank checker tool.

Best For All affiliations and assist with making a substance technique and getting an obvious backlink evaluation report. 

Worth: No free starter, $7 For a 7-day groundwork, Basic Plan – $ 99/Month, Business Plan – $399, Agency Plan – $999. 

Ahrefs has in a split second solidified itself as an undisputed top choice of different SEO-trained professionals and money chiefs, and as it should be.

It is the second-quickest web crawler, behind Google, furthermore has in all likelihood the best interface as for rank genuinely examining instruments. 

Its essential cutoff points intertwine cruel appraisal, URL arranging, Keyword research, backlink reviews, and so on Very comparative as incalculable its accomplices, Ahrefs in addition offers typical pursuit reports to its clients.

This device can creep across the web and amid gigantic loads of information to help your web document rankings. 

best SEO keyword rank checker tools
SEO keyword rank checker tools

Best features 

Content Explorer, Arranging History, Assists with making Numerous Keywords, Screen Outbound Links 


Slow stacking time for instruments, Costly Monthly regarding 


According to the outlines, the contraption has one of the most dumbfounding UIs in the business. It helps in getting site improvement tips, getting a reasonable backlink report, and knowing what URL rating is. The contraption is remarkable for SEO systems, content showing, and rank after.  

4. Advanced Web Ranking 

Advanced  Web Ranking is also a good tool to check keyword ranking on the web.

Best for Digital Agencies and In-House SEO, work for rank after across various contraptions. It can be used free for 30 days during its Trial Period, $ 49/mo – $499/mo. You may give a try to this one of the best SEO keyword rank checker tools.

Progressed Rank Checking is an extraordinary position-checking device that contains a variety of significant game plans. It shows careful rankings in around 130 nations and 22 web documents.

The contraption is in like way known for permitting the going with of locale unequivocal rankings joined to postal division. 

The device likewise permits clients to separate their arranging show and that of their rivals. It can in like way record SERP Features. The device strengthens rankings reliably, in a like manner guarantee that the information stays new. 

best SEO keyword rank checker tools
SEO keyword rank checker tools

Good Parts 

Google Search Console and Google Analytics joining, Reliably rank checks, Client organization, Thorough articulation information 


Restricted Keyword Tracking, Not fitting for novice clients. 

Decision: Advanced Rank Checking is a particularly obliging contraption regarding rank checking and can bring a broad extent of information from Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

It does, notwithstanding, limit the measure of watchwords that you can follow as 35000. 

5. MOZ 

Best For boosting site traffic, articulation research, and on-page improvement, You can use it free for 30 days during its Free Trial, Period, $99/mo – $599/mo. It is mostly used as one of the best SEO keyword rank checker tools.

Moz is considered by different individuals as one of the most amazing positions checking instruments that are now continuing ahead in the business.

Moz can do everything, from backlink assessment to rank after and articulation research, there are no restrictions to what Moz can do. It offers clients cutting-edge page improvement considerations blended industry-standard assessments.

Moz is a popular SEO, Keyword rank checker tool

SEO keyword rank checker tools
SEO keyword rank checker tools

Moz is likewise accessible as Moz Pro for extra made courses of action and MozBar programs which offers SEO assessment, Moz scores, and Google SERP to its clients. 

Best plans 

Rank Tracking, Site Audits, Articulation Analysis, Backlink Analysis 


It doesn’t investigate different articulations,  Information base and Metrics is open just for the US 


Moz is the best device for you for boosting site traffic and arranging higher on traffic motor. It besides offers interface profile appraisal and assists with Keyword research and on-page improvement.

An all-rounder contraption does some stunning things for clients without hopping huge into their pockets. 

6. Authority Labs 

Best for Tracking PC spaces, thing arranging different regions, and course of action all around sensible reports. Worth: 30 Day Free Trial, $49/mo – $450/mo.  

Authority Labs is another surprising position genuinely looking at contraption with an uncommonly easy-to-use interface. Authority labs permit clients to set up different complaints and update an SEO crusade.

It additionally helps in laser focusing on your gathering by utilizing district unequivocal position following. Authority Labs is known as one of the best useful SEO, Keyword rank checker tools.

keyword rank checker tools
SEO keyword rank checker tools

The contraptions in like way assist the clients with following SEO crusades being sent by their enemies, in this way giving them an edge over their rivals. 

Best Parts 

Generally Tracking,  Watchword Tracking,  Reliably Reporting 


Articulations are coordinated in alphabetic sales, and there is no decision to change this. Costly for cutting-edge highlights. 


Authority Labs is a stunning instrument for following contender space, thing rankings, and standing apart adaptable arranging from work area results. As shown by its clients, it additionally has one of the most stunning UIs of any position genuinely researching contraption. 

7. Serpstat 

Best for get-together overall information, and following extensive inquiry things. Worth: 30-Day Free Trial, $69 – $ 499/mo. You may try Serpstat which is one of the best SEO keyword rank checker tools.

Serpstat can be viewed as an extensive resource for everything about forefront progressing. It permits the clients to deal with their SEO, runs their headways, advances content publicizing endeavors, and significantly more.

From articulation evaluation to PPC assessment and contender research, Serpstat can do everything. 

best SEO keyword rank checker tools
SEO keyword rank checker tools

It likewise goes with a dashboard that isn’t difficult to utilize and examine. Likewise, it moreover helps the site proprietors to screen their enemy’s backlinks. 

Best features 

Site Audit 

Watchword Research 

Backlink Analysis 

Site Analysis 


Slow site researching 

It can show stirred-up articulations from time to time. 


Although recognized for its simple-to-utilize interface and in all cases joins, Serpstat has in addition gone facing certain assessments for its stirred up determining of watchwords. Have assurance it is now one of the most utilized positions looking at devices there. 

8. Seobility 

Best For Large areas and relationships for site slithering, site examining, outcast alluding to, and backlink checking. This is a paid tool but you may this one of the most popular SEO keyword rank checker tools free for 30 days.

Regarding: 30-Day free introduction for a top-of-the-line plan, Free fundamental strategy, $50/MO Premium arrangement, $200/MO Agency plan. 

best SEO keyword rank checker tools
SEO keyword rank checker tools

is an SEO/Rank checking instrument that permits the clients to try SEO streamlining to also cultivate their web crawler rankings and assists with seeing the presentation of their objections. 

Seobility awards business visionaries with highlights like every day refreshes and external association establishment instruments to also cultivate their extra on the web search gadget rankings.

Furthermore, it can creep on the entirety of the related pages of a site to discover issues like copy and broken substance, gives that would have notwithstanding gone undetected. 

Best Parts 

Rank after 

Nearby rundown things 

Contenders association 

Articulation Monitoring 

Email detailing 


It will overall be mistaken for new clients. 


Seobility is suitable for colossal affiliations and regions as far as possible can imagine site slithering, outside interface establishment, and backlink checking.

Taking into account its free focal strategy, it is additionally unquestionably proper for exclusive organizations and bloggers. It is possibly the most excitedly suggested mechanical assembly out there. 

9. SEOptimer 

Best For Small and medium relationships to advance substance advancing endeavors and lead on-page and off-page improvement. 

Worth: 14-Day free preliminary, Basic Plan – $19, White Label Plan – $29/mo, Embedded Plan – $ 59/Mo. 

SEOptimer is a simple to utilize and very significant position researching contraption. It helps all around in extra making page rankings, and also helps in performing on-page improvement and off-page outcast alluding to. 

It is a remarkable contraption for state-of-the-art backers to advance genuine substance propelling endeavors that further cultivate page rankings. The instrument is besides significant for making shocks on the web media missions to also encourage electronic media presence. 

best SEO keyword rank checker tools
SEO keyword rank checker tools

Best Parts 

Web smoothing out Crawler 

Embeddable Audit 

Web smoothing out Audit API 

Outfit regions with their stepped report. 


Clients require information on different instruments. 

It doesn’t give an enormous heap of key gadgets for SEO. 


According to the surveys, SEOptimer is incomprehensible for giving data on the most competent technique to expand influence in the general market. With sensibly surveyed plans, this contraption is besides well inside an adolescent business or a specific blogger’s money-related course of action. 

10. WooRank 

Best For supporting Digital Marketers, webpage chairmen, and work environments with versatile passing on, online media information, and SERP rankings and backlinks. 

Worth: 14-Day free starter, Basic – $59/mo, Premium $179/mo, Enterprise $249. 

WooRank is a genuinely unmistakable SEO procedure checker and redid site survey gadget. It offers clients the plentiful extent of significant information that can be anticipated moreover made site traffic, broadened leads, and game plans. 

Web arrangement update isn’t hard to utilize and is revamped for all electronic publicizing subject matter experts. Maybe its basic thing is to follow articulation and besides analyze contender watchword rankings.

It can additionally assist you with fixing site messes up, security issues, and disposal of any copy substance. 

Additionally, it besides goes with a combination of plans devices to help in making persuading attempts to sell something, PDF report plans, and inside and out additional. 

SEO keyword rank checker tools
SEO keyword rank checker tools

Courses of action 

Site Crawl 

Web improvement Monitoring 

Game plans Tools 

Watchword Tool 


A bit extreme 

Periodically the thoughts given are excessively extensive. 


WooRank is a sensational displaying device that can help in discovering the approaches to manage further encourage site rankings.

The solitary individuals who utilize this contraption are advanced advertisers and working environments considering it is over the top cost. Overall it can assist the clients with pushing out a nice site that performs. 

11. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is an amazing SEO tool full of so many useful features. You can use this tool as a tool for SEO audit, a tool for keyword research, and audit backlink data. You can track the position of any keyword with the help of this tool.

So Ubersuggest is also the best SEO keyword rank checker tool along with a site SEO audit tool. It can be used free for limited features and limited attempts.

best SEO keyword rank checker tools
SEO keyword rank checker tools


All these SEO keyword rank checker tools are only to check the position of any specific keyword. But it is only you who can boost keyword ranking. So write SEO-Friendly content on the selected keywords.

Do well On-Page SEO that is content SEO and image SEO. Explore your content by using a content marketing strategy.

Boost Off-Page SEO by using the link-building strategy. Use content republishing sites for traffic and authority. Audit your site from time to time to find and resolve any issue within your site. All these actions will help you to boost your site’s SEO Visibility score and keyword ranking 

Utilizing a position checking instrument will assist you with getting the outcomes you look for, and you will see the consequences of your endeavors developing as high rankings and further made game plans and leads. You can unmistakably make content and additionally screen your obstruction. 

The majority of the gadgets picked here go with a free essential, along these lines permitting you the chance to attempt them first before you pick anybody you wish.

You should also create profiles on some best high DA profile creation sites including what you provide on your site, your experiences, and how your site is helpful for users.

The devices were shortlisted dependent upon an interminable extent of client audits for example a tremendous piece of the motorized publicizing subject matter experts. 

Solace, moderateness, and the number of parts were considered to bring about these current conditions outline. At long last, the contraptions whose wonders far offset their cons were picked. 

If you are hard-held tight cash and are new to rank checking then we would endorse you to try an easy-to-use mechanical get-together like Ahrefs and select their key game-plan.

In the end, we would suggest Semrush and Ahrefs as this idea is a flat-out reaction for articulation checking and keeps up with both Google likewise as Bing. 

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