5 best ideas to perform content audit for SEO, Boost site performance by deleting content

5 best ideas to perform content audit for SEO, Boost site performance by deleting content

Friends, if you have a large number of content on your blog but you don’t get expected traffic to your site. Then you should perform a content audit for SEO to increase web traffic. 

Can you imagine that you can improve site performance and traffic by deleting your blog contents? Follow these 5 stepwise content auditing instructions to do so.

5 best ideas to perform content audit for SEO, Boost site performance by deleting content

In this way, you can improve your website performance, authority, and Google ranking. You can do it by auditing, updating, merging, or deleting content. It is an important action to boost SEO content strategy.

Friends, In this post I’ll discuss techniques step by step to perform a content audit for SEO to boost web traffic. And to better your website performance report. Auditing content for SEO is an important part of different types of SEO strategies.

Friends, there are so many ways to improve traffic, ranking, and website performance. Such as writing quality content, creating valuable backlinks, applying SEO techniques, and content marketing.

Auditing content is one of them. So you should try content audit techniques for SEO. About which I’m going to describe in this post.

How to do content audit for SEO and traffic? Stepwise instructions to do so

If your site is more than a year old and has several contents, you should audit your website contents for SEO by following these steps to improve traffic and performance.

1. Check performance reports of older content

Check performance reports of more than 6 months old contents one by one. You can perform this task with the help of the Google search console.

It will help to find content that doesn’t bring traffic to your site. You can update, merge with new content or delete based on the performance report of your blog content.

To get the performance report of your web pages you will have to;

  • Go to the Performance tab on the Google search console
  • Click on the new option
  • Click on page option
  • Paste web page URL 
  • Click apply button
Content audit for SEO

You’ll get the Performance report for your specific web page. You’ll get 3 types of web pages after auditing several web pages 

  1. A Web page that didn’t get any traffic in the past 6 months.
  2. A Web page that has less traffic.
  3. A Web page that has expected traffic.

Select a web page that didn’t get any traffic in the last 6 months for the next process.

2. Backlink audit

Check backlinks of a web page that didn’t get any traffic within the last 6 months. You can use site audit tools or backlinks audit tools for it. You may get 3 types of results.

  1. A web page that has quality backlinks
  2. A web page that has backlinks but those backlinks are not valuable.
  3. A web page that doesn’t have any backlinks. 

3. Delete content

You should delete the 2nd and the 3rd types of web pages from your blog and search console. Because such web pages don’t have any value for your website. These pages are only to increase the number of web pages for your website but they decrease the overall site performance.

The presence of such content on your website is traffic affecting factor. Know more about 19 traffic affecting factors. Deleting useless content is the best practice to perform a content audit for SEO, traffic, and performance.

4. Redirect web page

If you have similar content to web pages that have no traffic but contain valuable backlinks. Then you should redirect such web pages to a similar web page after deleting them.

But if you haven’t such similar pages on your site then you’ll have to redirect it to the home page.

It’ll save your site from the loss of quality backlinks. It is also the best technique to perform a content audit for SEO.

5. Update content

You should update those contents that have less traffic. You can do it by updating its keywords, tags, internal and external links, images, content length, etc.

Know how to write SEO-Friendly content. You’ll have to apply correctly these different types of SEO strategies for your less traffic gaining web page to make it a high-performing page.

Updating content to boost site performance is one of the best ideas to perform a content audit for SEO.

You should care for these things at the time of writing heading of a web page

a) Use emotional words to target the user’s emotions

You should use some emotional words such as amusing, inspiring, extreme, controversial, secrets, etc on the headline to target the emotion of site visitors. 

b) Always use data and authority.

Try to use data and authority within your web page headline such as according to Wikipedia, 11 best techniques, case study, etc. Such action will be helpful to make a headline strong.

c) Promise result if possible

You may promise results such as ‘get traffic, improve ranking, boost authority, etc’  on headlines to make your content clickable.

Best helpful tools to content audit for SEO

Friends, do you know which tool is used for a content audit? I’m introducing some content audit tools. You can use these tools that may be helpful in content audit for improving SEO, traffic, search visibility, and site performance.

a) SEO Content Assistant

This tool will help you to update or write great content. You can use this tool to update your old content or write new content to make them more effective and SEO-friendly to drive traffic.

b) Featured snippets tool

This tool will help you to optimize your content to increase the possibility to come on featured snippets.

c) Readability checker

You can check the readability of your content to make sure that your content’s readability is good. It will help you to content audit for SEO, and performance.

d) SEO content score checker

This tool will help you to know how your content is optimized for a specific keyword.

All the upper described techniques and tools for content audit for SEO must be helpful to improve your site’s traffic, authority, performance, Google ranking.

That’s why you should try these techniques to audit your site’s content for SEO and traffic. It will help to rank your site on these most popular search engines.

But if you want to write effective great content to drive more traffic.

Then you should read these 7 best ideas to write SEO-Friendly content, apply different types of SEO strategies such as on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, image SEO, content marketing strategy, etc.

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