Merissa Beddows impressed the judges with her shocking song impression in AGT 2022 season 17's audition.

The opera singer Merissa proved that she can keep it classic, transition into Ariana Grande’s style, and even hit the notes as Siri.

Merissa Beddows’s outstanding audition early on June 24 in America’s Got Talent 2022 season 17' audition.

Judge Heidi Klum was handed a giant die with six of Merissa’s favorite impressions on it when she begin the act.

Merissa explained that she would begin singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” as herself, then transition into the impressions.

It was clear that Merissa is a seasoned performer as soon as the song began.

Klum then picked the first impression as Ariana Grande. Merissa quickly switched keys and hit multiple high runs just like the pop singer.

She gave an outstanding Judy Garland-like performance of the tune without any type of impression.