Alex Rivers proved that Simons believe was right to give him the 2nd chance for audition in the stage of AGT 2022 season 17.

He was disqualified just before 24 hours because Simon didn't like track on which he performed. But Simon gave him the 2nd chance to prove himself on different track.

Violinist Alex Rivers presented such an amazing show with violin and moves that Simon become happy for his believe to give him the 2nd chance.

All the audiences and judges enjoyed his performance too much and gave him a standing ovation.

All the judges said yes for his so entertaining performance. Simon said - "You got 4 thousand yeses"

Sofia said: "I know you're nervous but came with strength you were happy to be here and song was so much better he was right this was fantastic"

Simon was very happy  so he said: I personally just felt there was more in you and not only was the track better you also showed how important this is to you"

Simon continued; "You put everything you had in today" Alex became so happy because Simon was happy with his performance.