Jojo and Bri were looking the perfect combination for singing on the stage of AGT 2022 season 17.

Jojo and his niece Bri presented such an amazing singing show that the judges and audiences gave them a standing ovation.

Jojo also had come on this stage in AGT15. with a group called Resound.

He come on this stage again to teach his niece Brinot to give up.

Bri said - "My dream is to make the world smile and make the world a better place."

Simon - "I think this was for me one of my favorite audition of the year so far."

Heidi - "I think you look perfect together. and your sound even better together. I mean it's just so beautiful to watch and hear."

Their combined singing performance was loved by all the judges that's why they were awarded with 4 yeses in AGT 17 Audition 2022.