Sam Siri who is the co-founder of Nicotine Dolls, surprised judges with an original song in AGT 2022 season 17's audition.

Sam Siri's voice was unbelievable and unique. He was from New Jersey

His big dream is to be a popular musician. He was a home cleaner and painter before a musician.

He paid some necessary bills by creating music so he decided to make it for entire life.

His song, voice, and singing talent was so amazing and unique the audience gave him a standing ovation.

He is a co-founder of the NYC-based roc music band Nicotine Dolls. You can listen his music on different platforms.

Sofia said the performance so different and sexy. Simon said him a great singer and his performance authentic.

 Nicotine Dolls most recent songs are “2 Weeks” and “Till We Both Say,” He got yeses from all the judges