Early release: Duo Rings presented a sexy, shocking, and entertaining aerial show in the latest AGT 17 audition 2022.

Duo Rings is the combined name of a couple Flor Aracama and Nico Busso hail.

Howie Mandel was too impressed with their amazing sexy aerial dance on Haley Reinhart’s “Creep”

Heidi was also surprised by watching Duo Rings' shocking sexy aerial dance audition on AGT 17's stage.

Duo Rins is a combination of a married gymnast couple Flor Aracama and Nico Busso hail from Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Flora said - " Mainly the act aims to show “our love.” So, basically, aerial sexy times!"

Sofia was awaked by watching the performance of Duo Rings who were Duo Rings were former Cirque De Soleil acrobats and appeared on Romania’s Got Talent earlier this year.

All the judges gave them a standing ovation who married just before 3 years but together fo 9 years