The 27-year-old Lily Meola is a singer and songwriter. She got the golden buzzer in AGT 17 by performing on the original song Daydream.

The AGT judges got emotional by listening that how her life flipped upside down after her mother's cancer diagnosis and death.

She said about the song 'Daydream' that this is her own written song that's kind of evolved over the past couple of years.

She said that it was written when things were really beautiful. She had lots of publishing deals. It was just-it was magical, it was so beautiful.

And she wanted other people to be able to feel that so this song originated.

She performed her original song as well as that all the judges especially Heidy pushed the Golden Buzzer.

"I'm speechless, Everything about you, you just light up. I see a light around you, and immediately I fell in love with you." It was a special emotional comment by Heidy Klum

Howie Mandel said, “You have a beautiful voice, and I could feel the emotion,"