A list of upcoming Hollywood Movies, TV Series, and Web series releasing in 2022, 2023

A New List of Upcoming Hollywood Movies, And Web Series

Friends, are you interested in upcoming Hollywood movies, also known as US movies and American films? Then a list of upcoming Hollywood movies may be helpful for you.

This list of upcoming US movies in 2023, and 2024 Hollywood will provide full information about upcoming American films.

You need a list of upcoming Hollywood movies to know everything about upcoming films such as film releasing dates, Directors, producers, star casts, development, teasers, and trailers.

You’ll get all this information in this list of upcoming US movies in 2023 Hollywood.

You may watch here web story of any listed film to know more about that film. You’ll know there are some interesting facts about that film along with the film’s star cast, releasing date, teaser, and trailer.

This list is to provide you the full information about upcoming US movies Hollywood and most awaited upcoming Hollywood movies that are scheduled to be released from 2022 to 2024.

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Upcoming Hollywood movies, TV series, and Web series releasing in 2024, and 2025 (Upcoming US movies 2024 Hollywood)

Film nameFilm typeDirected byMore info
Gremlins 3Gremlins 3 is an upcoming American film. It is a comedy, fantasy, and horror movie.Releasing date, cast, trailer
It’s All Coming Back to MeIt is an upcoming American film that is full of drama, comedy, and romanceJames C. StrouseReleasing date, cast, trailer
Jesus RevolutionIt is the story of young Greg LowryJohn IrwinReleasing date, cast, trailer
Knock at the CabinIt is an upcoming American mystery, drama, and apocalyptic horror filmM. Night ShyamalanReleasing date, cast, trailer
Kraven the HunterIt is an upcoming action, adventure, sci-fi, and superhero Hollywood filmJ. C. ChandorReleasing date, cast, trailer
DistantIt is a science fiction and comedy filmJosh Gordon and Will SpeckReleasing date, cast, trailer
The Little MermaidIt is a forthcoming American melodic dream film and one of the most awaited upcoming Hollywood moviesRobert Doyle Marshall Jr.Releasing date, cast, trailer
Harold and the Purple CrayonIt is an action, animation, and family filmCarlos SaldanhaReleasing date, cast, trailer
The Last Voyage of the DemeterIt is an upcoming American horror filmAndré ØvredalReleasing date, cast, trailer
Legally Blonde 3It is an American media franchiseAmanda BrownReleasing date, cast, trailer
Madam WebIt is an action, adventure, and a Sci-Fi filmS.J. ClarksonReleasing date, cast, trailer
Resident Evil 4It is a game that looks much like the originalReleasing date, cast, trailer
Creed 3It is an upcoming American sports drama filmMichael B. JordanReleasing date, cast, trailer
The Exorcist 2It is an American Horror filmDavid Gordon GreenReleasing date, cast, trailer
The Equalizer 3It is an Action, Crime, and Thriller filmAntoine FuquaReleasing date, cast, trailer

Best Movies 2023

Film nameFilm typeDirected byMore info
Stranger Things 4is an American science fiction horror drama television seriesReleasing date, cast, trailer
The Color Purple 2It is an upcoming American musical coming-of-age period drama filmBliz BazawuleReleasing date, cast, trailer
The Marvel 2It is an upcoming American superhero film based on Marvel ComicsNia DaCostaReleasing date, cast, trailer
Ant-Man 3It is an upcoming American superhero film based on Marvel ComicsPeyton ReedReleasing date, cast, trailer
The Tiger’s ApprenticeIt is an animated film that is full of action and adventureYong Duk Jhun, Paul Watling, Carlos BaenaReleasing date, cast, trailer
Star Trek 4It is an
Action, Adventure, Mystery, Sci-Fi, and Thriller film
Matt ShakmanReleasing date, cast, trailer
Transformers (7): Rise of the BeastsIt is a science fiction, action, and adventure filmSteven Caple Jr.Releasing date, cast, trailer
Blue BeetleIt is an upcoming American superhero film based on the DC ComicsAngel Manuel SotoReleasing date, cast, trailer
Aquaman 2It is an Action, Adventure, and Fantasy filmJames WanReleasing date, cast, trailer
M3GANIt is a Horror, Science fiction, and Thriller filmGerard JohnstoneReleasing date, cast, trailer
Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning – Part OneIt is full of Action, Adventure, and ThrillsChristopher McQuarrieReleasing date, cast, trailer
Fast X: Fast & Furious 10It is an Action, Crime, and Mystery filmLouis LeterrierReleasing date, cast, trailer
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3It is an Action, Adventure, and Comedy filmJames GunnReleasing date, cast, trailer
The BoysIt is an American superhero television seriesEric KripkeReleasing date, cast, trailer
Don’t Worry DarlingIt is a Psychological Thriller/Horror and romantic filmOlivia WildeReleasing date, cast, trailer

Best Hollywood Movies 2023

Film nameFilm typeDirected byMore info
Indiana Jones 5It is an Action and Adventure filmJames MangoldReleasing date, cast, trailer
Dune: Part 2It is an action, adventure, drama, and science fiction upcoming Hollywood movieDenis VilleneuveReleasing date, cast, trailer
John Wick: Chapter 4It is an action, thriller and crime filmChad StahelskiReleasing date, cast, trailer
The FlashIt is an Action, Adventure, and Fantasy filmAndy MuschiettiReleasing date, cast, trailer
BarbieIt is an upcoming romantic comedy filmGreta GerwigReleasing date, cast, trailer
Shazam!(2) Fury of the GodsIt is an upcoming American superhero film based on the DC Comics character Shazam.David F. SandbergReleasing date, cast, trailer
Avatar 2It is an upcoming American epic science-fiction filmJames CameronReleasing date, cast, trailer
Black AdamIt s an upcoming American superhero and most brutal filmJaume Collet-SerraReleasing date, cast, trailer
Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverIt is an upcoming American superhero filmRyan CooglerReleasing date, cast, trailer
Jurassic World 3 DominionIt is an upcoming American science fiction adventure filmColin TrevorrowReleasing date, cast, trailer
Thor 4: Love and ThunderIt is an American superhero filmTaika WaititiReleasing date, cast, trailer
Meg 2It is an upcoming science fiction action movieBen WheatleyReleasing date, cast, trailer
True LoveIt is an upcoming drama, romance, and science fiction filmGareth EdwardsReleasing date, cast, trailer
The Expendables 4It is an action, adventure, and thriller filmScott WaughReleasing date, cast, trailer
BladeIt is an upcoming action, adventure, and drama filmBassam TariqReleasing date, cast, trailer

Upcoming US movies 2024 Hollywood

Film nameFilm typeDirected byMore info
Shotgun WeddingIt is an action, comedy, and a romantic upcoming American filmJason MooreRelease date, star cast, trailer
ArgylleIt is a spy action upcoming American filmMatthew VaughnRelease date, star cast, trailer
Superman 2It is an upcoming American fantasy filmAndrew ListRelease date, star cast, trailer
Evil Dead RiseIt is an upcoming American thriller, fantasy, and horror filmLee CroninRelease date, star cast, trailer
Next Goal WinsIt is an upcoming American sports filmTaika WaititiRelease date, star cast, trailer
Carry OnIt is an upcoming Hollywood action, thriller movieJaume Collet-SerraRelease date, star cast, trailer
House PartyIt is upcoming Hollywood comedy filmCalmaticRelease date, star cast, trailer
Scream 6It is an upcoming horror, thriller, and mystery Hollywood movieMatt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler GilletRelease date, star cast, trailer
FerrariIt is an upcoming Hollywood drama and biographic movieMichael MannRelease date, star cast, trailer
Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and HoneyIt is a horror Hollywood movieRhys Frake-WaterfieldRelease date, star cast, trailer
Killers of the Flower MoonIt is a history, crime, and drama Hollywood movieMartin ScorseseRelease date, star cast, trailer
Disappointment Blvd.It is a comedy, drama, and horror Hollywood movieAri AsterRelease date, star cast, trailer
Phone BhootIt is an upcoming horror, thriller, and comedy-based Bollywood movieGurmmeet SingRelease date, star cast, trailer
Wednesday AddamsIt is an upcoming popular tv series on NetflixTim BurtonRelease date, star cast, trailer
Red-OneIt is an upcoming action, adventure, and comedy Hollywood filmJake KasdanRelease date, star cast, trailer
Heart of StoneIt is an upcoming Hollywood action, crime, and thriller filmTom HarperRelease date, star cast, trailer

Upcoming American film

Film nameFilm typeDirected byMore info
Asterix & Obelix: The Middle KingdomA Hollywood comedy, adventure, and family filmGuillaume canetRelease date, star cast, trailer
Kids vs. Aliens filmIt is a science-Fiction and horror Hollywood movieJason EisenerRelease date, star cast, trailer
MISSING 2023It is a drama and thriller filmNicholas D. Johnson and Will MerrickRelease date, star cast, trailer
Spinning GoldIt is a biography and music-based Hollywood filmTimothy Scott BogartRelease date, star cast, trailer
Asteroid CityIt is a comedy and romance Hollywood movieWes AndersonRelease date, star cast, trailer
Infinity PoolIt is Sci-Fi, Mystery, and Horror filmBrendon CronenbergRelease date, star cast, trailer
UnwelcomeIt is an upcoming horror Hollywood filmJon WrightRelease date, star cast, trailer
Beautiful DisasterIt is a drama and romance movieRoger KumbleRelease date, star cast, trailer
Left BehindIt is a Sci-Fi and action filmKevin SorboRelease date, star cast, trailer

Final thoughts for Upcoming American Films

This is the list of upcoming US movies Hollywood, TV series, Web series, and Games that are going to release in 2022, 2023, and 2024.

You may get more information about upcoming Hollywood movies on IMDb. This list will be updated from time to time.

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Feel free to share your opinions about this upcoming Hollywood movies list that are going to release from 2022 to 2024.

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