Upcoming American film 'Jesus Revolution' is the story of young Greg Lowry.

John Irwin is the director of film 'Jesus Revolution' who has taken some time off from filming.

Jonathan Rumi is the main character of this film who was born on July 1, 1974 in New York, USA.

It tells of the movement that free spirits Greg Lowry took in 1968 in California

The shooting of the film will be done in many places of California, in which beautiful actresses will also be seen.

Its leading actress Anna Grace Barlow is a very famous director and actress. Grace Barlow is also known for The Godsberg and The Fosters

It is an effort to bring the story of Jesus Revolution to the people through the film.

The film Jesus Revolution is the story of the 70s in California that is scheduled to be released  February 24, 2023