Dremeka Choir thrilled the judges with their singing performance on Britney Spears's "Toxic" song in AGT 2022 season 17's audition

Pier said about Dremeka Choir's dream -  "It's music and sharing the music, so we'd use the money so we could do this full-time."

The AGT judge Simon was shocked by watching the Dremeka Choir's performance.

The group performed so well that all the audiences and judges were enjoyed it except Heidi

'This is another unexpected thing today" - Sofia said

Simon said - "It was like demons in a choir singing the song from 'The Omen' then going into Britney Spears."

Sofia - "well, I thought it was so unexpected. I thought it was gonna be super boring. But it was very spectacular and creative."

All the judges except Heidi say yes for Dremeka Choir's performance.