Kristy Seller the winner of AGT 2019 given a pole dance audition on the America's Got Talent 2022 season 17's stage

AGT show is known not only for big prize but also to discover new talents.

It is the golden opportunity to perform as the main opening act in Las Vegas - just the kind of breakthrough that can change the life of an artist completely.

AGT show  the show has upped the entertainment quotient while also raising the bar of performances for long time

Kristy seller's grand dance audition was the most awaiting AGT show this week.

Australia's Got Talent' winner Kristy Seller takes to pole to wow judges on the stage of America's got talent season 17.

Kristy Sellars is a professional pole dance champion and aerial performer and the winner of AGT 2019 who gained global recognition.

She is also the winner of Australia's Got Talent. She posted a video on Instagram