Oleksandr Yenivatov with the help of his wife Aurelie Brua showed such a shocking show in AGT 17 that judges forgot to shut their mouth.

Oleksandr is from Ukraine and currently lives in France with hiis wfe Aurelie Brua Yenivatov

Oleksandr first met Aureli Brua in 2003 when he was Aureli's teacher and art director, after which they married in December.xt

Before AGT 17, Oleksandr has appeared in many shows such as France's Got Talent 2010 Season 4 and 2020 Season 15, Germany Got Talent 2011 Season 5

His wife Aurelie Brua helped him in every act.

All the judges were impressed and shocked with thei performance 

Simon said - "I like the idea. It was just a bit slow. And I'm a bit stupid,So I didn't really follow the story."

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Simon removed red X and said yes along with all the judges in form of Da.