Ethan Jan's Rubik's Cube solving audition in AGT 2022 season 17 surprised all the judges.

He was a 17 years old incredible Rubik's Cube solver from Redlands California

A high school student Ethan Jan did amazing Rubik's Cube act in different modes that surprised all the judges and audiences.

He started his rubik's cube solving act from the judges desk. He offered judges to make their cube's difficult to solve.

He solved all the 4 rubik's cube's in seconds which were did difficult to solve by judges. All the judges eye's were uplifted with his act.

He also did his act on single wheel bicycle. His act was so surprising that all the audiences gave him a standing ovation

Sofia said his act so surprising, amazing, flawless, and super fun. Heidi said that he is not a real man. Howie said him genius. 

Heidi said - 'It was incredible what you've done incredible." All the judges said yes starting from Howie Mandel.