Spotle: Can You Name That Tune (in Artist Form)?

Spotle: Can You Name That Tune (in Artist Form)?

Spotle: Calling all music aficionados! If you devoured Wordle and crave a new challenge that tests your musical knowledge, then look no further than Spotle, the infectious game taking the internet by storm.

Spotle: Can You Name That Tune (in Artist Form)?

Calling all music buffs and trivia titans! Get ready to flex your musical knowledge with Spotle, the addictive guessing game taking the internet by storm.

This brainchild, inspired by the word phenomenon Wordle, puts a melodic spin on things, transforming music lovers into artist-identifying detectives.

What is Spotle?

Inspired by the word-guessing phenomenon Wordle, Spotle puts a melodic twist on the concept. Instead of Buchstaben (German for letters), Spotle challenges you to identify a mystery artist from Spotify’s top ranks.

Spotle: Can You Name That Tune (in Artist Form)?

You have 10 guesses to crack the code, with each attempt providing clues to narrow down your search.

Hit the Right Notes: How to Play Spotle

Here’s how to unleash your inner music detective:

  1. Make your first guess: Type in the name of any artist you think might be the mystery musician.
  2. Get Groovin’ with the Clues: Spotle will respond with a color-coded masterpiece for each guess.
    • Green: You hit the right spot! That category information (like genre or nationality) is correct for the mystery artist.
    • Yellow: You’re getting closer! The information falls within the same ballpark, but for a different artist.
    • Black: Sorry, strike out. That information is way off for the mystery artist.
  3. Refine Your Rhythm: Use the color-coded clues to refine your subsequent guesses, strategically eliminating artists based on the revealed information.
  4. Nail the Melody or Bust: Crack the code within 10 tries to truly claim bragging rights (and maybe discover a new favorite artist in the process!).


The Musicality of the Clues

Here’s where Spotle’s brilliance lies. Each guess you make about an artist reveals five colored indicators:

  • Debut Album Year: Was it a recent chart-topper or a golden oldie? The color tells you if your guessed artist debuted before or after a certain year.
  • Listener Rank: Is the mystery musician a household name or a hidden gem? The color indicates how popular they are compared to all Spotify artists.
  • Size of the Group: Is it a solo act, a rocking band, or a harmonious ensemble? The color clarifies how many members make up the musical mystery.
  • Genre: Does the artist lean towards soulful ballads or head-banging anthems? The color hints at their musical genre.
  • Nationality: Are you on the right continent? The color indicates the artist’s nationality.
Spotle: Can You Name That Tune (in Artist Form)?

With each guess, these color-coded clues paint a clearer picture of the secret artist, making the game both strategic and delightfully intriguing.

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Fun Facts to Amp Up Your Spotle Game

Spotle: Can You Name That Tune (in Artist Form)?
  • The Thrill of the Hunt: The daily mystery artist keeps things fresh, ensuring endless opportunities to test your music knowledge.
  • Beyond the Charts: While Spotle focuses on popular artists, the game can introduce you to new musical genres and broaden your sonic horizons.
  • Friendly Feud: Challenge your friends and family to a Spotle showdown. Who can guess the artist in the fewest tries?
  • Social Symphony: Share your Spotle victories (and near misses) on social media using the hashtag #Spotle. You might discover a whole new community of music lovers.


So, grab your headphones, put on your thinking cap, go to official website, and get ready to rock Spotle! With its engaging gameplay and endless music discovery potential, Spotle is sure to become your new favorite way to test your musical mettle.

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