What is the Wordle today? Answer and ideas to play Wordle for more accuracy

Wordle Today and #1033 Answer & Hints for April 17, 2024 (New Ideas to Play)

Wordle #1033 answer. know Wordle today answer & hints for April 17, 2024)? Don’t worry, you’ll know all about it such as what Wordle is, how to play, what is wordle today’s and next day’s hints, and answers.

Hi friends, I’m Gyan. Through this post, you’ll know not only today’s wordle answer and hints but also several previous day’s answers and coming days Wordle hints and answer. So visit regularly to see the new puzzle and correct word.

Friends, there are some other popular word games that you can play to check to boost your word power.

These are “Quordle” which is 4 words guessing game and “Octordle” which is 8 words guessing game. But if you want to play a song guessing game then you may play Heardle.

Also, you may play the NYT Connections game which is a new but more interesting and more challenging game. Know today’s Connections NYT answers, hints, and new tips

What is Wordle?

Wordle is one of the most popular mind games based on the word creation puzzle. It is most popular in the United States.

It is a game and a source to improve your mind and word stock. It gives every day a new set of letters to create a correct word.

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Friends, Wordle is a free and one of the most popular word games in the world owned by The New York Times.

It has a huge fan following base because it is a free mind-improving game. It was designed by its founder Josh Wordle.

This new, funny, and engaging game brings every day a new puzzle of creating a 5-letter word from a given set of words in a maximum of 6 attempts.

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People take wordle as a competition because they want to find the correct word in fewer attempts.

You can play Heardle which is a popular song-guessing game similar to the word-guessing game Wordle.

Why wordle is so popular?

What is the Wordle today? Answer and ideas to play Wordle for more accuracy
what is the wordle today?

Wordle is a too popular game among word game lovers because it comes with some special features like:

A Wordle user can play only one puzzle in a day.

The daily it resets at midnight every day in your current time zone.

Users can share the Wordle game on social media without spoiling the answer for others.

Every of its user plays the same puzzle each day.

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Where to play the Wordle Word game?

It has not any app so you’ll have to play Wordle only on a web browser for which you need to visit the New York Times Games to play daily Wordle games.

But you may visit this web page daily to know what is the Wordle today answers and hint.

The popular word game Wordle was bought by the New York Times in February last year. You can play this game for free without any hesitation because you won’t find ads there.

How to play Wordle? 6 ideas to play it for more accuracy

#1. You’ll have to guess a five-letter word which will be different each day and you can attempt only 6 chances till you get it right or you fail.

#2. If you’ll select an incorrect letter then it will make your turn go gray

#3. Your selection of a correct letter but the wrong position will make it yellow

#4. Your selection of the correct letter and the correct position of the letter will make it green

#5. Answers won’t be plurals

#6. You may use letters twice or even thrice in a word.

The Wordle Word game has become popular in short periods because of if winning streaks feature. Its user can track their game records.

Such as how many times they have played. their winning and losing rates and more.

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Wordle #1033 Answer & Hints for 17 April 2024 (Today’s Wordle Answer)

What is the Wordle today? Answer and ideas to play Wordle for more accuracy
today’s Wordle answer

Wordle #1033 hints

Friends, before going to today’s Wordle answer try yourself with these clues about today’s correct word of Wordle word game.

It is a word containing 2 vowel letters.

Today’s Wordle word is a noun and verb

The word starts with ‘T’

Today’s Wordle Word can be explained as one tenth of annual produce or earnings, formerly taken as a tax for the support of the Church and clergy.

It has 1 repeating letter

Synonyms – contribution, alms

What is the Wordle today? Answer and ideas to play Wordle for more accuracy
What is the Wordle today

Wordle Today #1033 Answer for April 17, 2024

Wordle Today’s Answer (Wordle #1032 Answer for 16 April 2024)

Wordle today #1032 Answer for 16 April 2024 is “SHANK” – a person’s leg, especially the part from the knee to the ankle.

Wordle Answers Archive

Wordle today #1031 Answer for 15 April 2024 is “EQUIP” – to provide someone with the equipment or gear needed for a specific task or undertaking.

Wordle today #1030 Answer for 14 April 2024 is “BLIMP” – a small, non-rigid airship that uses pressure from contained gas to maintain its shape.

Wordle today #1029 Answer for 13 April 2024 is “STEEL” – a hard, strong grey or bluish-grey alloy of iron with carbon and usually other elements, used as a structural and fabricating material.

Wordle today #1028 Answer for 12 April 2024 is “WHINY” – to complain in an annoying way, especially in a high-pitched voice.

Wordle today #1027 Answer for 11 April 2024 is “LOUSE” – either of two small wingless parasitic insects that live on the skin of mammals and birds

Wordle today #1026 Answer for 10 April 2024 is “BROTH” – soup consisting of meat or vegetables cooked in stock, sometimes thickened with barley or other cereals.

Wordle today #1025 Answer for 9 April 2024 is “MERGE” – combine or cause to combine to form a single entity.

Wordle today #1024 Answer for 8 April 2024 is “BREED” – a stock of animals or plants within a species having a distinctive appearance and typically having been developed by deliberate selection.

Wordle today #1023 Answer for 7 April 2024 is “VOILA” – “here it is,” “look at this,” “lo,” “see here,” “ta-da,” “presto,” or “behold”

Wordle today #1022 Answer for 6 April 2024 is “FINCH” – a small songbird with a short, wide, pointed beak that’s adapted for crushing seeds.

Wordle today #1021 Answer for 5 April 2024 is “WRIST” – the joint or region of the joint between the human hand and the arm.

Wordle today #1020 Answer for 4 April 2024 is “CLIMB” – go or come up a (slope or staircase); ascend.

Wordle #1019 Answer for 3 April 2024 is “PLAIT” – a single length of hair, straw, rope, or other material made up of three or more interlaced strands.

Wordle #1018 Answer for 2 April 2024 is “SERUM” – the watery, colorless part of the blood, or this liquid taken from blood, used for medical purposes.

Wordle #1017 Answer for 1 April 2024 is “FROND” – the leaf or leaflike part of a palm, fern, or similar plant.

Wordle #1016 Answer for 31 March 2024 is “TABOO” – a social or religious custom prohibiting or restricting a particular practice or forbidding association with a particular person, place, or thing.

Wordle #1015 Answer for 30 March 2024 is “FORCE” – strength or energy as an attribute of physical action or movement.

Wordle #1014 Answer for 29 March 2024 is “REALM” – a kingdom.

Wordle #1013 Answer for 28 March 2024 is “SPEAK” – saying something to convey information or to express a feeling.

Wordle #1012 Answer for 27 March 2024 is “STUNG” – to cause a small, painful injury by brushing against the skin or making a small hole.

Wordle #1011 Answer for 26 March 2024 is “MAYOR” – the chief executive official, usually elected, of a city, village, or town.

Wordle #1010 Answer for 25 March 2024 is “SALLY” – a sudden charge out of a besieged place against the enemy; a sortie.

Wordle #1009 Answer for 24 March 2024 is “TOWEL” – a piece of thick absorbent cloth or paper used for drying oneself or wiping things dry.

Wordle #1008 Answer for 23 March 2024 is “RISEN” – restored from death or ascended into glory

Wordle #1007 Answer for 22 March 2024 is “DECAY” – the process of something slowly breaking down or dissolving through natural processes.

Wordle #1006 Answer for 21 March 2024 is “SHADE” – comparative darkness and coolness caused by shelter from direct sunlight.

Wordle #1005 Answer for 20 March 2024 is “LINGO” – the language or speech of a particular group, individual, or field, especially slang, jargon, or argot.

Wordle #1004 Answer for 19 March 2024 is “ABIDE” – accept or act in accordance with (a rule, decision, or recommendation).

Wordle #1003 Answer for 18 March 2024 is “SPELT” – a type of grain that was an important source of food in ancient times

Wordle #1002 Answer for 17 March 2024 is “SNORT” – to force air violently through the nose with a rough harsh sound.

Wordle #1001 Answer for 16 March 2024 is “TOXIN” – a substance produced by a living organism that is poisonous to other organisms.

Wordle #1000 Answer for 15 March 2024 is “SINCE” – in the intervening period between (the time mentioned) and the time under consideration, typically the present.

Wordle #999 Answer for 14 March 2024 is “ERUPT” – break out suddenly and dramatically.

Wordle #998 Answer for 13 March 2024 is “LOCAL” – relating or restricted to a particular area or one’s neighbourhood.

Wordle #997 Answer for 12 March 2024 is “HEAVE” – lift or haul (something heavy) with great effort.

Wordle #996 Answer for 11 March 2024 is “PESKY” – annoyingly troublesome or pesty.

Wordle #995 Answer for 10 March 2024 is “GRASP” – seize and hold firmly.

Wordle #994 Answer for 9 March 2024 is “CHEER” – shout for joy or in praise or encouragement.

Wordle #993 Answer for 8 March 2024 is “EARLY” – happening or done before the usual or expected time.

Wordle #992 Answer for 7 March 2024 is “CLONE” – an organism that’s genetically identical to another organism.

Wordle #991 Answer for 6 March 2024 is “TEARY” – crying or likely to cry.

Wordle #990 Answer for 5 March 2024 is “HUNCH” – the raise (one’s shoulders) and bend the top of one’s body forward.

Wordle #989 Answer for 4 March 2024 is “FLAME” – a hot glowing body of ignited gas that is generated by something on fire.

Wordle #988 Answer for 3 March 2024 is “STATE” – the particular condition that someone or something is in at a specific time.

Wordle #987 Answer for 2 March 2024 is “URBAN” – in, relating to, or characteristic of a town or city.

Wordle #986 Answer for 1 March 2024 is “FORTY” – the number equivalent to the product of four and ten

Final thoughts to find Wordle today answer

Friends, I’ll update the web page to provide the latest Wordle answer. But if you want to solve the puzzle without any help try to create a word containing more vowels.

You’ll get here not only today’s Wordle answer and hits but also can visit daily to this web page to know Wordle answers and hints.

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