Today's Weaver Answer and Hints: A New More Challenging Game

Today’s Weaver Answer (April 2024): Hints, New Ideas to Play

Today’s Weaver Answer and Hints for April 21, 2024: Friends, through this post, I’m introducing you to a new word-guessing game Weaver. It is a different and more challenging game as compared to other most popular word-guessing games.

You should play this game daily to boost your vocabulary strength and to learn something new. On this web page, you’ll get daily the complete Weaver answers with hints and word meanings.

What is Weaver Game?

Weaver is also an online word-puzzle game but it is different from another word-guessing game. In this game player gets two words and the game is to weave from the first word to the last word by creating meaningful words.

But there is a condition that you can change only one letter each time on the way of creating a new four-letter word which will bring you closer to the bottom word.

Friends, if you like to play such word-guessing games then you may play “Wordle” which is the most popular word-guessing game.

Also you may play “Quardle” in which you’ll have to guess 4 correct words. Octordle is another word-guessing game in which you’ll have to guess 8 correct words.

If you know more about NFL Players then you may play Weddle which is an NFL player name-guessing game. It is also updated daily for new puzzles.

Also, you may play a food theme based word guessing game Phoodle. But if you love songs and want to play a song-guessing game then you may play Heardle.

Also, you may play Globle a fun and educational game that can help you learn about different countries and their locations.

Unveiling the Weaver Word-Guessing Game: A Comprehensive Guide

Today's Weaver Answer and Hints: A New More Challenging Game

In the realm of word games, Weaver has emerged as a captivating challenge for puzzle enthusiasts. This online word-guessing game, inspired by the viral sensation Wordle, offers a unique twist that keeps players engaged and coming back for more.

Decoding the Gameplay

Weaver presents players with a daily four-letter secret phrase. With only three attempts, the objective is to decipher the phrase by strategically entering words and deciphering the clues provided.

Each guess is evaluated based on its proximity to the secret phrase, revealing whether letters are correctly positioned, misplaced, or absent.

Mastering the Art of Word Selection

The key to success in Weaver lies in selecting words that provide maximum information and narrow down the possibilities. Starting with commonly used words and combinations increases the chances of identifying correctly positioned letters early on.

Embracing the Challenge

Unlike its predecessor Wordle, Weaver introduces an additional layer of complexity by incorporating multiple words within a single phrase. This demands a more nuanced approach, requiring players to consider the relationships between words and their overall structure.

Engaging with the Game’s Subtleties

Weaver subtly guides players towards the correct solution through its scoring system. Each guess is awarded points based on the number of correctly placed letters and the proximity of misplaced letters. This scoring mechanism encourages players to refine their strategies and eliminate less probable options.

How to Play Weaver Game

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Today’s Weaver Answer and Hints:

Game NameWeaver – A daily word ladder game (Wordle)
Developed byWeaver
MonthApril 2024
Recent Answer added4/21/2024
Weaver web official

Weaver Hints Today

Today’s Weaver Puzzle’s starter word is ‘BROOM‘ and the end word is ‘STICK‘. So You’ll have to go from the starter word to the bottom word by creating words with a single letter change for every new word. Here are some hints that will help you to go from the starter word to the bottom word.

Weaver Answer Today for April 21, 2024

Friends, If you are facing difficulty with the words today, the answers and the definitions to the Weaver game released today are:

  • BROOK – a small stream.
  • CROOK – the hooked staff of a shepherd.
  • CROCK – an earthenware pot or jar.
  • CRICK – a painful stiff feeling in the neck or back.
  • CLICK – a short, sharp sound as of a switch being operated or of two hard objects coming smartly into contact.
  • SLICK – done or operating in an impressively smooth and efficient way.
  • STICK – a thin piece of wood that has fallen or been cut off a tree.

Unveiling Interesting Facts About Weaver

Today's Weaver Answer and Hints: A New More Challenging Game
  • Weaver was created by the same team behind Phrazle, another popular word-guessing game.
  • The game’s interface is user-friendly and accessible, catering to players of all ages and skill levels.
  • Weaver’s daily challenges provide a consistent source of mental stimulation and engagement.
  • The game’s social aspect encourages players to share their progress and strategies with friends and family.
  • Weaver’s popularity has grown steadily, attracting a dedicated following of word-game enthusiasts.


Weaver has established itself as a worthy contender in the world of word-guessing games, offering a refreshing twist on the traditional format.

Its engaging gameplay, subtle clues, and daily challenges make it a captivating experience for puzzle lovers of all backgrounds. So, dive into the world of Weaver and let the word-guessing adventure begin!

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