Kelce Kelce Land: Kylie Kelce on Football, Family, and Finding Her Voice

Kelce Kelce Land: Kylie Kelce on Football, Family, and Finding Her Voice

Kylie Kelce isn’t your typical football WAG (wives and girlfriends). Sure, she married a Super Bowl champion (Philadelphia Eagles’ Jason Kelce), and her brother-in-law is NFL superstar Travis Kelce, but Kylie carves her own path.

Recently on TODAY, she dished on life in the Kelce spotlight, her husband’s retirement, and a famous new family member – Taylor Swift.

Kelce Kelce Land: Kylie Kelce on Football, Family, and Finding Her Voice

Recently on TODAY, Kylie offered a glimpse into her busy life, juggling motherhood, advocacy for autism awareness, and supporting her recently retired husband, Jason Kelce, of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Supporting the Kelce Clan

Jason’s recent retirement wasn’t a surprise to Kylie. “He’s been writing his retirement speech for years,” she laughs, revealing a playful side. But she also acknowledges the weight of his decision. “He wanted to make sure he did it right, for the fans and everyone who helped him along the way.”

Kelce Kelce Land: Kylie Kelce on Football, Family, and Finding Her Voice

Now, with three young daughters, Kylie jokes Jason might need a new outlet besides golf. Perhaps sportscasting? “Nothing’s off the table,” she teases.

Navigating the Swift Spotlight

Travis Kelce’s romance with Taylor Swift has sent the media into a frenzy. But Kylie takes it all in stride. “If Trav’s happy, we’re happy,” she says, reflecting the close-knit Kelce family dynamic.

The media attention, however, is something else entirely. “I can’t imagine that first date scrutiny,” she says, referencing a past anecdote about Jason falling asleep on their first outing. Thankfully, “there’s no video evidence,” she laughs.

Championing a Cause

Beyond the headlines, Kylie is a dedicated advocate for autism awareness. Her role as senior event consultant for the Eagles Autism Foundation allows her to make a real difference. “It’s such a rewarding experience,” she beams. “We’re working to increase awareness and acceptance, one event at a time.”

Kylie Kelce on Jason’s retirement, Taylor Swift, autism awareness

Final Thought

Kylie Kelce is more than just a football wife. She’s a supportive spouse, a doting mom, and a passionate advocate. In the world of the Kelces, she brings a touch of normalcy, a dash of humor, and a whole lot of heart.

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