AGT 2023 Qualifiers: Reba McEntire and Sofie Dossi Won Audience's Hearts

AGT 2023 Qualifiers: Reba McEntire and Sofie Dossi Won Audience’s Hearts

On the September 21, 2023 episode of America’s Got Talent, Reba McEntire and Sofie Dossi performed a show-stopping duet of McEntire’s classic hit, “Fancy.”

The two performers, who have a special connection related to AGT, brought down the house with their powerful vocals and stunning acrobatics.

Reba McEntire and Sofie Dossi Perform a Show-Stopping Duet to Remember on AGT 2023 Qualifiers Show

Dossi, who was just 14 years old when she competed on AGT in 2016, won over the judges and viewers alike with her incredible contortion and aerial skills. She received a Golden Buzzer from McEntire, who was a guest judge that season, and went on to finish the competition in third place.

Now, seven years later, Dossi and McEntire returned to the AGT stage for a special performance. The two stars took turns singing and dancing, while Dossi performed breathtaking acrobatics in the background. At one point, Dossi even held McEntire in her hands while doing a handstand.

The judges and audience were blown away by the performance, and Dossi and McEntire received a standing ovation. Simon Cowell called the performance “absolutely incredible,” and Howie Mandel said it was “one of the best duets I’ve ever seen on this show.”

AGT 2023 Qualifiers: Reba McEntire and Sofie Dossi Won Audience's Hearts

Dossi and McEntire’s performance was a true highlight of the AGT season, and it showed the power of music and collaboration. The two performers, who come from very different backgrounds, came together to create a truly unique and memorable experience.

What made the performance so special?

There were several things that made Reba McEntire and Sofie Dossi’s duet so special. First, the two performers have a unique connection to AGT. Dossi was a contestant on the show in 2016, and McEntire was a guest judge that season.

McEntire was so impressed with Dossi that she gave her the Golden Buzzer, which sent her straight to the live shows.

Second, the duet was a perfect pairing of two talented performers. McEntire is a country music icon with a powerful voice, and Dossi is a world-renowned contortionist and aerial artist. The two performers complemented each other perfectly, and their performance was a feast for the eyes and ears.

Third, the performance was simply breathtaking. Dossi performed some amazing acrobatics while McEntire sang, and the two stars had incredible chemistry on stage. The performance was truly unique and memorable, and it left the audience and judges wanting more.


Overall, Reba McEntire and Sofie Dossi’s duet on AGT 2023 was a show-stopping performance that will be remembered for years to come. It was a perfect example of the power of music and collaboration, and it showed that anything is possible on AGT.

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