AGT 2023 Qualifiers: Lachuné SHINES with "The Best" by Tina Turner

AGT 2023 Qualifiers: Lachuné SHINES with “The Best” by Tina Turner

Lachuné SHINES: Lachuné, a 25-year-old singer from Brooklyn, New York, took the stage at America’s Got Talent on Tuesday night and absolutely blew the judges and audience away with her powerful rendition of Tina Turner’s “The Best.”

Lachuné SHINES with “The Best” by Tina Turner | Qualifiers | AGT 2023

Dressed in a sparkling gold dress and matching heels, Lachuné strutted out onto the stage with confidence and immediately had the crowd on their feet. She belted out the iconic song with such passion and energy that it was hard to believe she was just one person.

From the very first note, Lachuné had the judges captivated. Simon Cowell even gave her a standing ovation by the end of the song.

AGT 2023 Qualifiers: Judges reactions to Lachuné’s Performance

AGT 2023 Qualifiers: Lachuné SHINES with "The Best" by Tina Turner

“Lachuné, you are a star,” Cowell told her. “You have one of the most incredible voices I have ever heard on this show. You are absolutely brilliant.”

Heidi Klum agreed, saying, “Lachuné, you are everything I love about a performer. You have the voice, the presence, and the stage presence. You are incredible.”

Howie Mandel and Sofía Vergara were equally impressed, both praising Lachuné’s vocal talent and her overall performance.

“Lachuné, you are the best,” Vergara said. “You are the definition of a star.”

Lachuné’s performance of “The Best” was one of the most talked-about moments of the night, and it’s no surprise why. She is a truly talented singer with a bright future ahead of her.

What made Lachuné’s performance so unique?

There were several things that made Lachuné’s performance of “The Best” so unique. First, her voice is simply incredible. She has a powerful range and a unique tone that is instantly recognizable. Second, she is a natural performer.

She knows how to command the stage and connect with the audience. Finally, she put her own unique spin on the song. She didn’t just try to imitate Tina Turner; she made the song her own.

What does the future hold for Lachuné?

With her incredible voice and stage presence, it’s clear that Lachuné has a bright future ahead of her. She could easily have a successful career as a singer, songwriter, or performer. She could also use her platform to raise awareness for important causes.

No matter what she chooses to do, Lachuné is sure to make a big impact on the world. She is a talented and inspiring young woman with a lot to offer.

Lachuné’s Future on AGT

After her impressive performance of “The Best,” Lachuné is definitely a frontrunner on AGT 2023. She has all the makings of a star: talent, charisma, and stage presence. She also has the support of the judges, who are all impressed with her skills.

Lachuné’s future on AGT is bright. She has the potential to go far in the competition and even win the whole thing. She’s definitely an artist to watch in the coming weeks.

AGT 2023 Qualifiers: Lachuné SHINES with "The Best" by Tina Turner


Lachuné’s performance of “The Best” on AGT 2023 was a show-stopping moment. She proved that she is a force to be reckoned with and a true contender for the title. With her talent, charisma, and stage presence, Lachuné has the potential to go far in the competition.

Finally, Lachuné’s vocals were simply amazing. She has a powerful voice that can hit any note. She also has a great range and she used it to full effect on “The Best.”

Overall, Lachuné’s performance of “The Best” was unique and unforgettable. She is a talented singer with a bright future ahead of her.

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