All about AGT: All-Stars 2023 Participants, Acts, Golden Buzzers, Judges, Finalists, Finale date

All about AGT: All-Stars 2023 Finalists, Shows, Golden Buzzers

Friends, ‘AGT: All-Stars 2023‘ is one of the most entertaining and challenging competitions among more than 70 got talent competitions all over the world. You’ll know all about the ‘America’s Got Talent: All-Stars 2023’ show. Such as its host, judges, finalists, finale date, and the winner of AGT: All-Stars 2023

Friends, You must’ve seen AGT 17 if missed then you may watch here AGT 17’s all the best shows. The 11 finalists were decided who’ll perform in the finale of ‘America’s Got Talent: All-Stars 2023’

Watch Aidan Bryant’s EPIC Performance in ‘AGT: All-Stars’ finale 2023

winner of agt all stars 2023

Host and judges of AGT: All-Stars 2023

One of the most entertaining reality shows AGT-All Stars was hosted by Terry Crews. Terry also hosted AGT from season 14 to 17. Its judges are Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, and Heidi Klum.

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All the participants who performed in AGT: All-Stars 2023 show

All about AGT: All-Stars 2023 Participants, Acts, Golden Buzzers, Judges, Finalists, Finale date

Aidan Bryant, Aerialist

Aidan McCann, Magician

Alan Silva, Aerialist

Ana Maria Mărgean, Ventriloquist

Aneeshwar Kunchala, Poet

Archie Williams, Singer

Avery Dixon, Saxaphonist

Axel Blake, Comedian

Bello Sisters, Acrobat Trio

Berywam, Beatboxing Group

Bir Khalsa, Danger Group

Brandon Leake, Poet

Brett Loudermilk, Sword Swallower

Calysta Bevier, Singer

Captain Ruin, Knife Thrower

Cristina Rae, Singer

Dance Town Family, Dance Group

Daneliya Tuleshova, Singer

Darius Mabda, Dancer

Detroit Youth Choir, Choir

Divyansh & Manuraj, Beatboxer and Flautist

Dustin Tavella, Magician

Dustin’s Dojo, Comedy Karate Trio

Emil and Dariel, Cellist Duo

Eric Chien, Magician

Flau’jae, Rapper

Human Fountains, Novelty Act

Jackie Fabulous, Comedian

Jamie Leahey, Ventriloquist

Jasper Cherry, Magician

Jeanick Fournier, Singer

Jimmie Herrod, Singer

Josh Blue, Comedian

Keiichi Iwasaki, Magician

Keren Montero, Singer

Kodi Lee, Singer and Pianist

Light Balance Kids, Light-Up Dance Group

Lioz Shem Tov, Magician

Lukas & Falco, Dog Act

Malevo, Malambo Group

Mandy Harvey, Singer and Ukulelist

Mervant Vera, Magician

Mike E. Winfield, Comedian

Mini Droids, Dance Group

Ndlovu Youth Choir, Choir

Peter Antoniou, Mentalist

Peter Rosalita, Singer

Power Duo, Dance Duo

Robert Finley, Singer

The Sacred Riana, Illusionist

Sara James, Singer

Sethward, Novelty Act

Terry Fator, Singing Ventriloquist

Tom Ball, Singer

Tone the Chiefrocca, Rapper

Vitoria Bueno, Dancer

Viviana Rossi, Aerialist

Voices of Hope Children’s Choir, Choir

World Taekwondo Demonstration Team, Martial Arts Group

Yumbo Dump, Comedy Duo

Who became the winner of AGT: All-Stars 2023

What is the importance of Golden Buzzers in AGT shows?

Friends, you know the importance of Golden Buzzers in AGT shows which started after AGT season 10. Do you know that 6 of all 8 AGT winners had gotten the Golden Buzzers?

These 6 AGT winners who were also the Golden Buzzers are Paul Zerdin, Grace VanderWaal, Darci Lynne, Kodi Lee, Brandon Leake, and the Mayya.

Only the AGT winners Shin Lim and Dustin Tavella couldn’t get the Golden Buzzers during their performances.

So getting the Golden Buzzer during the performance is not only an emotional moment but also increases the probability to be the winner of the show.

Who got the Golden Buzzers in AGT: All-Stars 2023?

#1. Light Balance Kids

AGT: All-Stars 2023 Participants, Acts, Golden Buzzers, Judges, Finalists, Finale date

‘Light Balance Kids’ became the 1st Golden Buzzer in the 1st week of AGT: All-Stars 2023. This group presented an amazing balance and won the Golden Buzzer of Howie Mandel.

#2. ‘Detroit Youth Choir’

Golden Buzzers AGT All Stars

‘Detroit Youth Choir’ became the Golden Buzzer of 2nd week. They won the heart of AGT: All-Stars’ host Terry Crews with their mind-blowing performance. ‘Detroit Youth Choir’ became the Golden Buzzer of Terry.

#3. Mike E. Winfield

Mike E. Winfield (who also participated in AGT Season 17) won the heart of Simon Cowell with his surprising magical performance. He became the Golden Buzzer of Simon Cowell in the 3rd week of the AGT: All-Stars show.

#4. Aidan McCann

This 13-year-old magician Aiden McCann from Dublin, Ireland won the heart of Heidi Klum with his surprising magic act. He became the Golden Buzzer of Heidi Klum. He won the 4th Golden Buzzer in the 4th week of the AGT: All-Stars 2023 show.

#5. Tom Ball

AGT All Stars 2023 Finalists

Tom Ball from West Sussex, U.K became the winner of Group Golden Buzzer. This 24-year-old performer won the hearts of all the judges and host of AGT: All-Stars 2023 with his performance of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence.”. In this way, Tom Bell became the 5th and last winner of this show.

A list of all the AGT: All-Stars 2023’s finalists

#1. Aidan Bryan, Aerialist

#2. Aidan McCann, Magician (Golden Buzzer of Heidi)

#3. Ana Maria Mărgean, Ventriloquist

#4. Avery Dixon, Saxaphonist

#5. Bello Sisters, Acrobat Trio

AGT: All-Stars 2023 Participants, Acts, Golden Buzzers, Judges, Finalists, Finale date

#6. Detroit Youth Choir, Choir (Golden Buzzer of Terry)

#7. Kodi Lee, Singer and Pianist

#8. Light Balance Kids, Light-Up Dance Group (Golden Buzzer of Howie)

#9. Mike E. Winfield, Comedian (Golden Buzzer of Simon)

#10. Power Duo, Dance Duo

AGT All stars videos

#11. Tom Ball, Singer (Group Golden Buzzer winner)

AGT: All-Stars show time, the place to watch, and the date of the finale

All these 11 finalists will perform in AGT: All-Stars’ live shows and the winner will be announced in its finale on 27th Feb. 2023. You can watch shows the next day on, the NBC App, and Peacock. You can watch it every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET. For more information, you may visit NBC’s website.

Friends, You can watch all the best shows of AGT 2022 season 17 on my web-story section. You may join the best WhatsApp groups and Facebook groups for updated trending entertainment news and videos.

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