AGT 2024: 2-Year-Old Dev Wows AGT Judges in Unforgettable Audition

AGT 2024: 2-Year-Old Dev Wows AGT Judges in Unforgettable Audition

Dev Wows AGT Judges: Forget singing prodigies and daredevil stunts. This season of America’s Got Talent witnessed something truly extraordinary – a mathematical marvel in diapers!

Dev, a precocious two-year-old, stole the show and the hearts of the judges with his mind-blowing talent for numbers.

Toddler Tickles the Numbers: 2-Year-Old Dev Wows AGT Judges in Unforgettable Audition

Dressed in a too-big T-shirt and clutching a fluffy elephant, Dev entered the stage with his parents, David and Sarah. The audience cooed, unsure of what to expect. But when host Terry Crews introduced Dev as a math whiz, the energy shifted.

The judges, a seasoned bunch who’ve seen it all, were initially skeptical. Heidi Klum raised an eyebrow, while Simon Cowell, notorious for his scathing critiques, crossed his arms.

About the Youngest Mathematician AGT Contestant Dev

2-Year-Old Dev Wows AGT Judges
Image credit: MEAWW

David, Dev’s father, explained, “Dev started recognizing numbers before he could even speak. Now, he can add, subtract, and even identify prime numbers!”

Intrigued, the judges decided to put Dev to the test. Howie Mandel grabbed a giant deck of number cards. “Pick any two, Dev,” he instructed, crouching down to Dev’s level.

About Dev’s Audition in AGT 2024 Season 19

The toddler, with an adorable seriousness, picked two cards – a bright yellow 44 and a blue 13. With a chubby finger pointing at each card, he announced, “Fifty-seven!”

2-Year-Old Dev Wows AGT Judges
Image credit: MEAWW

The entire auditorium fell silent. Then, as if a dam broke, thunderous applause erupted. The judges, jaws agape, stared at Dev in disbelief. Heidi clapped wildly, while Simon, a rare smile playing on his lips, simply said, “Wow.”

The display continued. Dev solved multiplication problems with stuffed animals as counters, identified patterns in a sequence of flashing lights, and even impressed with his knowledge of basic geometry.

Judges Reactions to Dev’s Audition

By the end of the act, the entire theater was on its feet, chanting Dev’s name. The judges, utterly charmed, were unanimous in their praise. Heidi called him a “genius in the making,” while Howie declared, “You’re the most adorable mathematician I’ve ever seen!”

AGT 2024: 2-Year-Old Dev Wows AGT Judges in Unforgettable Audition

But it was Simon who stole the show. Leaning forward, a playful glint in his eyes, he said, “Dev, you are officially the youngest contestant AGT has ever seen. And you know what that means?”

A dramatic pause. Then, with a flourish, Simon slammed his hand on the Golden Buzzer. Confetti rained down as the audience roared. Dev, overwhelmed by the sudden noise and shower of colorful paper, simply giggled and clung to his elephant.

Early Release: GENIUS 2-Year-Old Baby Dev Is AGT’s Youngest Mathematician! | Auditions | AGT 2024


Dev’s audition has become a viral sensation, a testament to the boundless potential of the human mind, no matter the age. One thing’s for sure: America’s Got Talent just found its most unique star, and we can’t wait to see what numbers Dev crunches next!

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