Game of Spades Fragrance

Game of Spades: A Fragrance with New Winning Notes

Game of Spades: The world of perfume takes inspiration from many places, and the intriguing world of card games is no exception.

Enter Game of Spades, a fragrance by Jo Milano Paris that goes beyond smelling good – it evokes the thrill and strategy of the popular trick-taking game.

Game of Spades: A Fragrance with Winning Notes

It offers an olfactory adventure that’s both sophisticated and playful. So pick your version, play your hand, and experience the captivating world of this unique fragrance.

About the Game of Spades Fragrance:

It isn’t a single scent, but rather a collection by Jo Milano that plays with different olfactory experiences. There are three main variations:

  • King: This unisex scent opens with fresh citrus and bergamot, transitioning to a sweet, fruity heart. The warm base of amber, musk, and vanilla adds a touch of regality.
  • Royale: This fragrance leans slightly more masculine with its prominent amber and woody notes. Hints of jasmine and lavender add a touch of floral intrigue, making it perfect for those who like their scents complex.
  • Wildcard: This is the most enigmatic of the three. The brand describes it as a unique and carefully crafted blend designed to take you on an olfactory journey.

How to Play the Fragrance Game:

Just like the card game, Jo Milano’s Game of Spades collection offers an element of strategy. Here’s how to play your own olfactory game:

  • Double Down on Layering: Try layering King and Royale for a touch of citrusy freshness balanced by warm amber and musk.
  • Go Solo: Each fragrance is strong enough to stand alone. Choose the one that best reflects your mood or the occasion.
  • Play the Parts: Apply different Game of Spades fragrances to pulse points for a more nuanced scent experience.
  • Consider the occasion: Game of Spades King might be perfect for a night out, while the lighter notes of Game of Spades Rouge could be ideal for daytime wear.
  • Embrace the mystery: The “wildcard” nature of the Game of Spades Wildcard is part of its appeal. Don’t be afraid to experiment and see if you can guess the notes!
  • Layer and combine: The unisex nature of these fragrances allows for layering. Try combining Game of Spades Rouge with the muskier Game of Spades King for a truly unique scent.

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Interesting Things to Know About Game of Spades Perfume:

Game of Spades Fragrance
  • The fragrances in the collection defy traditional gender norms, making them perfect for anyone who doesn’t subscribe to conventional fragrance categories.
  • Luxury Experience: Jo Milano is known for its high-quality ingredients and luxurious feel. The collection is no exception, with sleek packaging and a long-lasting scent.
  • A Conversation Starter: The name “Game of Spades” is sure to spark curiosity. Be prepared to talk about the fragrance and the unique inspiration behind it.
  • The name is a clear reference to the popular spades card game, but the exact inspiration behind the connection remains a delightful mystery.
  • Jo Milano is a niche fragrance house known for its high-quality ingredients and unique scents.
  • Game of Spades has garnered a loyal following, particularly among those who appreciate unconventional and bold fragrances.


So, whether you’re a card game enthusiast or simply looking for a new and exciting fragrance experience, the Game of Spades collection offers an intriguing and sophisticated olfactory adventure.

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