American Pickers Season 25: New Release Dates, Times, Interesting Things

American Pickers Season 25: New Release Dates, Times, Interesting Things

American Pickers Season 25: Dust off your boots and fire up the pickup truck, because American Pickers is back for Season 25! Mike Wolfe and Danielle Colby Cushman are hitting the road once again, scouring barns, garages, and attics across the country in search of hidden treasures.

This season promises to be just as exciting as ever, with new adventures, fascinating finds, and heartwarming encounters.

American Pickers Season 25: New Release Dates for all the regions

Season 25 premiered on December 27, 2023, and new episodes air every Tuesday at 8 PM ET on History Channel. Mark your calendars!

American Pickers Season 25: New Release Dates, Times, Interesting Things
American Pickers Season 25
Australia (AEDT)December 28, 20231:00 p.m.
East Coast of the US (ET)December 27, 20239:00 p.m.
West Coast of the US (PT)December 27, 20236:00 p.m.
Midwest of the US (CT)December 27, 20238:00 p.m.
Mountain Time (MT)December 27, 20237:00 p.m.
Alaska (AKT)December 27, 20235:00 p.m.
Hawaii (HT)December 27, 20234:00 p.m.
London (BST)December 28, 20232:00 a.m.
France (CEST)December 28, 20233:00 a.m.
Germany (CEST)December 28, 20233:00 a.m.
Spain (CEST)December 28, 20233:00 a.m.
India (IST)December 28, 20237:30 a.m
Japan (JT)December 28, 202311:00 a.m.
American Pickers Season 25

Interesting Things to Expect in Season 25:

American Pickers Season 25: New Release Dates, Times, Interesting Things
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  • New faces: Joining Mike and Danielle this season is LeAnn Rimes, the Grammy Award-winning country singer. LeAnn will be helping the team pick on special occasions, bringing her own unique perspective and expertise to the hunt.
  • Focus on sustainability: The show will be highlighting eco-friendly finds and upcycling projects, showcasing how vintage items can be given new life and reduce waste.
  • More emotional stories: American Pickers has always been about more than just collecting, and this season is no different. Mike and Danielle will meet people with incredible stories to tell, and viewers will get to see the emotional impact of finding and preserving cherished pieces of history.
  • A return to classic picks: While the show will explore new trends and interests, fans can expect to see Mike and Danielle return to their roots with some classic Americana picks, like vintage motorcycles, muscle cars, and quirky roadside attractions.

Here are some additional interesting tidbits about Season 25:

  • The season premiere featured a visit to a historic mansion in upstate New York that was once owned by Mark Twain.
  • Mike and Danielle will be traveling to new parts of the country this season, including the Pacific Northwest and the Gulf Coast.
  • They will also be attending some of the biggest antique shows and flea markets in the country.

Season 25 of American Pickers is sure to be a treasure trove of entertainment for fans of the show. So tune in, grab your snacks, and get ready for another exciting journey across the back roads of America!

In addition to the above, here are some other interesting things to look out for in Season 25:

  • Mike and Danielle’s growing collection of vintage motorcycles: They’ve always been fans of bikes, and this season they’ll be adding some rare and impressive machines to their garage.
  • A focus on female pickers: The show will be highlighting the work of some of the best female pickers in the country, showing that women are just as passionate about antiques as men.
  • Some truly bizarre finds: From a giant wooden hand to a collection of antique medical equipment, this season promises some truly unique and unexpected discoveries.

“American Pickers’ Danielle Colby Bares All in Lingerie

American Pickers Season 25

Final Thought

So whether you’re a die-hard fan of American Pickers or just looking for a fun and informative show to watch, Season 25 is sure to deliver. So saddle up and get ready for the ride!

I hope this article is unique and informative. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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