Samsung TV Plus Gets Spicy: New A&E Shows Add Flavor

Samsung TV Plus Gets Spicy: New A&E Shows Add Flavor

Samsung TV Plus, the free, ad-supported streaming service pre-installed on Samsung smart TVs and devices, is spicing up its lineup with a double dose of content: a sprinkle of reality TV from A&E and a sizzling platter of local news from Fox.

For cord-cutters seeking a dose of local news and reality TV thrills, Samsung TV Plus is serving up a holiday treat. The free, ad-supported streaming platform is expanding its lineup with seven new local Fox channels and a smorgasbord of A&E hits.

Samsung TV Plus Gets Spicy: New A&E Shows Add Flavor, Local Fox News Brings the Heat

Calling all cord cutters and budget-conscious binge-watchers! Samsung TV Plus, the free, ad-supported streaming service nestled within your Samsung smart TV, is adding some exciting new content to its lineup.

Samsung TV Plus Gets Spicy: New A&E Shows Add Flavor

Hold onto your hats, because it’s not just reruns of classic sitcoms and cooking shows we’re talking about – this update brings a double dose of local and dramatic flair.

A&E: Reality Bites

Fans of hoarding sprees, flipping flips, and the thrill of the auction floor get their fix with dedicated channels for “Hoarders,” “Flipping Nation,” and “American Pickers.” Add in binge-worthy favorites like “60 Days In,” “Intervention,” and “Bring It!” and you’ve got a reality TV buffet bigger than Marie Kondo’s worst nightmare.

But it’s not all drama and deals. History buffs can dig into “History 365,” a channel showcasing historical documentaries and specials, while car enthusiasts can rev their engines with Hagerty, a haven for all things automotive.

Local Flavor with Fox News

Samsung TV Plus Gets Spicy: New A&E Shows Add Flavor
Image credit: Tom’s Guide

Craving the latest headlines and community updates that matter to you? Dive into seven new local Fox news channels serving Austin, Detroit, Milwaukee, Orlando, Phoenix, Seattle, and Tampa Bay.

Get informed on the issues closest to home, from weather forecasts and traffic reports to sports scores and political debates.

Free Feast for All

This content expansion is just another reason why Samsung TV Plus is becoming a go-to option for cord-cutters and budget-conscious viewers. With over 330 channels and thousands of on-demand shows and movies, all completely free (with ads, of course), it’s hard to resist.

More Than Just TV

Samsung TV Plus Gets Spicy: New A&E Shows Add Flavor
Image credit: SamMobile

Think of Samsung TV Plus as your gateway to a diverse entertainment buffet. Catch classic sitcoms on Toonami, cheer on your favorite teams on CBS Sports Network, or unwind with nature documentaries on CuriosityStream. There’s something for everyone, from the news junkie to the reality TV fanatic.

The new A&E content includes:

  • American Pickers by History
  • Hoarders by A&E
  • Flipping Nation
  • 60 Days In by A&E
  • Intervention by A&E
  • History 365
  • Storage Wars: LA by A&E
  • Bring It! by Lifetime
  • Mountain Men by History
  • I Survived… by A&E
  • Alone by History
  • Forged in Fire by History
  • Swamp People by History


Samsung TV Plus Gets Spicy: New A&E Shows Add Flavor

So, the next time you’re staring at your Samsung smart TV, don’t just scroll through Netflix or Disney+. Dive into the free world of Samsung TV Plus and discover a hidden gem (or two, or three…).

With the addition of A&E’s reality TV thrills and local Fox news updates, your viewing experience just got a whole lot spicier.

Bonus Tip: Download the Samsung TV Plus app on your phone or tablet to take your free entertainment on the go!

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