Hannah Diamond Apologizes for Similarities New Album "Poster Girl"

Hannah Diamond Apologizes for Similarities New Album “Poster Girl”

Hannah Diamond Apologizes: British singer-songwriter Hannah Diamond has apologized for the similarities between the cover art for her upcoming single, “Poster Girl,” and the artwork for Zara Larsson’s 2017 album, “Poster Girl.”

Hannah Diamond Apologizes for Similarities Between Her New Single’s Cover Art and Zara Larsson’s Album Artwork “Poster Girl”

The two artworks feature similar poses and color schemes, with both artists depicted against a pink background. Diamond’s artwork also features a heart-shaped cutout in the center, similar to the one on Larsson’s album cover.

Diamond took to Twitter to address the similarities, saying that she was “mortified” by the comparison and that she had “never seen Zara’s album artwork before.”

Hannah Diamond Apologizes for Similarities New Album "Poster Girl"

She said that she had created the artwork for her single “in collaboration with a close friend” and that they had “worked really hard to create something unique.”

“I would never intentionally copy someone else’s work,” Diamond wrote. “I’m so sorry if I’ve caused any offense.”

Larsson has not yet commented on the similarities between the two artworks.

In a follow-up statement, Diamond said that she had decided to change the artwork for her single. “I want to make it clear that I have the utmost respect for Zara Larsson and her work,” she said. “I would never want to do anything to take away from her or her fans.”

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The new artwork for “Poster Girl” features a different pose and color scheme, and does not include the heart-shaped cutout.

Image credit: Yahoo News

Diamond’s apology has been met with mixed reactions. Some fans have praised her for taking responsibility for the similarities, while others have criticized her for not being more original.


The controversy has highlighted the importance of originality in the music industry. Artists need to be careful not to copy the work of others, even unintentionally. However, it is also important to be understanding when mistakes are made.

Diamond has apologized for her actions and has taken steps to rectify the situation. It is now up to fans to decide whether or not they can forgive her.

Hannah Diamond Apologizes for Similarities New Album "Poster Girl"

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