Tom Hanks and Robin Wright Reunite for "Here,"

A Life Unfolding: Tom Hanks and Robin Wright Reunite for “Here,” a Time-Bending Epic

Tom Hanks and Robin Wright Reunite: Get ready to witness a love story that transcends time. The trailer for “Here,” directed by the visionary Robert Zemeckis, has arrived, and it promises a visually stunning and emotionally resonant journey.

This unique film reunites Tom Hanks and Robin Wright, Hollywood’s golden couple, after their unforgettable performances in “Forrest Gump.”

A Life Unfolding: Tom Hanks and Robin Wright Reunite for “Here,” a Time-Bending Epic

Here” isn’t your typical love story, though. It’s a chronicle of a life lived within the confines of a single location, a house that becomes a testament to the passage of time.

Tom Hanks and Robin Wright Reunite for "Here,"

We see glimpses of Hanks, portraying a character named Richard, at various stages of life – a young man full of youthful exuberance, a middle-aged adult grappling with the weight of years, and an elderly man reflecting on a life well-lived.

Wright takes on the role of Margaret, Richard’s love interest, and their connection serves as the anchor for the narrative.

The trailer cleverly utilizes a technique that mirrors the graphic novel the film is based on, Richard McGuire’s “Here.” Different eras seem to coexist within the same frame, hinting at the film’s exploration of the passage of time and the impermanence of existence.

Tom Hanks and Robin Wright Reunite for "Here,"
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We see a handshake exchanged across decades, a child playing in a room that transforms into a teenager’s hangout, and a heartbreaking farewell delivered from a future time.

Zemeckis, known for his innovative filmmaking techniques, appears to be pushing boundaries once more. The trailer hints at the use of de-aging technology, seamlessly transitioning Hanks and Wright between their younger and older selves.

This visual trickery promises to further blur the lines between past, present, and future, immersing the audience in the characters’ timeless love story.

Here – Official Trailer (HD)


“Here” goes beyond just a love story, though. It’s a meditation on life’s fleeting nature, the importance of human connection, and the power of memories.

With a powerhouse cast, a director known for his magic touch, and a captivating premise, “Here” is poised to be a cinematic experience that will stay with you long after the credits roll.

Mark your calendars for November 15, 2024, and prepare to be swept away by this remarkable film.

Tom Hanks and Robin Wright Reunite for "Here,"

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