Liv Warfield's Audition in AGT Season 19

Chicago Soulstress Liv Warfield’s Audition in AGT Season 19 Wins Golden Buzzer

Liv Warfield’s Audition in AGT: Season 19 of America’s Got Talent witnessed a powerful moment when Chicago’s own Liv Warfield took the stage.

This wasn’t your typical audition. Warfield, a seasoned vocalist with a rich musical background (including stints with Prince and Nancy Wilson), wasn’t there to prove herself a novice.

She arrived with a clear mission: to share her story and ignite the room with her original song, “Stare.”

Chicago Soulstress Liv Warfield’s Audition in AGT 2024 Stuns Judges with Original Song “Stare,” Earns Golden Buzzer

Liv Warfield's Audition in AGT Season 19

From the get-go, the atmosphere crackled with anticipation. Warfield’s soulful presence commanded attention, and as her band launched into the opening notes, the energy shifted.

“Stare” unfolded like a revelation. Warfield’s voice, a potent blend of raw power and smooth control, weaved a tale of perseverance and chasing dreams, resonating deeply with the audience.

Simon Cowell Pushes Golden Buzzer for Liv Warfield’s Original Song “Stare”

Image credit: Yahoo News UK

The usually stoic Simon Cowell was visibly moved. By the song’s conclusion, jaws were on the floor, and a thunderous standing ovation erupted. Cowell, speechless for a moment, simply hit the Golden Buzzer, showering Warfield in a golden confetti rain.

Tears welled in Warfield’s eyes as she embraced the overwhelming emotion – a culmination of years of dedication and unwavering passion.

Liv Warfield Receives GOLDEN BUZZER from Simon Cowell For Original, “Stare” | Auditions | AGT 2024


This wasn’t just a Golden Buzzer moment; it was a validation. Liv Warfield’s “Stare” wasn’t a plea for attention; it was a declaration. This seasoned artist, with a voice that could shake the rafters and a story that could move mountains, had arrived.

The future of AGT Season 19 just got a whole lot more electrifying, and with Liv Warfield at the helm, we’re all eager to see where “Stare” will take her.

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