Jang Ki-Yong Makes a Powerful Comeback in "The Atypical Family": A Hero Redefined

Jang Ki-Yong Makes a Powerful Comeback in “The Atypical Family”: A Hero Redefined

The Atypical Family: South Korean heartthrob Jang Ki-yong returned to our screens in a way we didn’t quite expect. After a mandatory military hiatus, he graced us with his presence in “The Atypical Family,” a drama that defied genre expectations.

But this wasn’t your typical charming prince role. Jang Ki-yong took on the mantle of Bok Gwi-ju, a man grappling with loss, depression, and the burden of a fading superpower – the ability to travel back in time to happier moments.

Jang Ki-Yong Makes a Powerful Comeback in “The Atypical Family”: A Hero Redefined

In an interview with IndiaToday.in, Jang Ki-yong spoke about his desire to explore new avenues. “Genre-doesn’t-matter” is his new motto, and “The Atypical Family” certainly lived up to that.

Jang Ki-Yong Makes a Powerful Comeback in "The Atypical Family": A Hero Redefined

It wasn’t just a fantastical story of a family with extraordinary abilities; it was a deeply moving exploration of mental health, family bonds, and the power of human connection.

Jang Ki-yong again in a powerful character

Jang Ki-yong’s portrayal of Bok Gwi-ju resonated with audiences. He brought a depth and vulnerability to the character, showcasing the struggles of a man wrestling with his purpose.

This complexity was a far cry from his previous roles, and it cemented his status as a versatile actor unafraid of taking on challenging characters.

About Jang Ki-Yong’s “The Atypical Family”

Jang Ki-Yong Makes a Powerful Comeback in "The Atypical Family"
Image credit: NME

The drama wasn’t just a solo performance. The bond between Jang Ki-yong and his co-stars, particularly Chun Woo-hee who played Do Da-hae, was palpable on screen. Their characters’ journey from strangers to confidants added a heartwarming layer to the narrative.

Interestingly, Jang Ki-yong expressed a keen interest in working on international projects, including films from India. His openness to new experiences and cultures aligns perfectly with the message of “The Atypical Family” – embracing the unexpected and finding strength in connection.

Bok I-na And Junwoo – Their Full Story [ The Atypical Family ]


So, if you’re looking for a K-drama that offers more than just a pretty face and fantastical elements, “The Atypical Family” is a must-watch. Jang Ki-yong’s powerful performance and the show’s exploration of universal themes make it a truly captivating experience.

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