Most Viewed K-POP Songs of All Time

Watch Most Viewed K-POP Songs of All Time: A New List of (200 MVs)

Most Viewed K-POP Songs of All Time: The K-Pop landscape continues to evolve, with new artists emerging alongside established giants. But who reigns supreme in the realm of music video views?

A recent update to the “Most Viewed K-Pop Songs of All Time” list reveals some interesting shifts and confirms the enduring popularity of certain groups.

K-Pop Kings and Queens: Updated Ranking of Most Viewed Music Videos

The K-Pop scene is a dynamic force, constantly churning out catchy tunes and captivating visuals. With fans worldwide glued to their screens, it’s no surprise that view counts for music videos reach astronomical heights.

But who currently reigns supreme in the realm of most-viewed K-Pop songs of all time?

Most Viewed K-POP Songs of All Time

The crown, as of March 2024, remains firmly placed on the head of the one and only PSY. His iconic 2012 hit, “Gangnam Style,” continues to dominate the charts with a staggering 5.07 billion views. This global phenomenon transcended language barriers, turning the signature dance move into a cultural phenomenon.

However, the landscape is constantly shifting. BLACKPINK holds strong with three entries in the top five. Their fierce and energetic “DDU-DU DDU-DU” sits at number two with 2.17 billion views, followed by the empowering anthem “Kill This Love” at number three with 1.93 billion views.

These entries showcase BLACKPINK’s undeniable hold on the industry, with their girl-crush image and powerful performances resonating with audiences worldwide.

A New List of Top 200 Most Viewed K-POP Songs of All Time

Most Viewed K-POP Songs of All Time

K-Pop Kings and Queens Reign Supreme: A New Era Dawns on the Most Viewed List

The world of K-Pop continues to evolve, and the landscape of its most-watched music videos is no exception. While PSY’s iconic “Gangnam Style” remains the undisputed king with a staggering 5 billion views, a recent update to the “Most Viewed K-Pop Songs of All Time” list reveals a changing tide.

PSY’s “Gangnam Style” Remains the Undisputed Champion

Sitting firmly at the top is the global phenomenon “Gangnam Style” by PSY. This catchy song, released in 2012, transcended cultural boundaries and propelled K-Pop into the international spotlight. With over 5 billion views, it remains the most viewed K-Pop music video of all time, showcasing its lasting impact.

BLACKPINK Dominates the Top 5

Most Viewed K-POP Songs of All Time
Image credit: Rolling Stone

BLACKPINK, widely recognized as one of the biggest girl groups in the world, occupies an impressive three spots in the top 5. Their powerful and visually striking music videos, like “DDU-DU DDU-DU” (2nd place) and “Kill This Love” (3rd place), continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

BTS Stays Strong with “Dynamite”

The global K-Pop juggernaut BTS, known for their intricate choreography and meaningful lyrics, secures the 4th position with their dynamic and colorful video for “Dynamite.” This song marked a pivotal moment in BTS’s career, breaking records and solidifying their international status.

New Entries and Changing Dynamics

The list also welcomes exciting new entries, including solo debuts from Jung Kook (“Seven”) and Jisoo (“Flower”) of BTS and BLACKPINK, respectively. This highlights the growing trend of individual members venturing into solo careers.

Most Viewed K-POP Songs of All Time
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It’s important to note that view counts are constantly changing, with new releases and continued engagement influencing the rankings.

However, this updated list provides a snapshot of the K-Pop music videos that have resonated most with global audiences, showcasing the ever-evolving and dynamic nature of the K-Pop industry.

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