Proud Mom Heidi Klum Celebrates Son Henry's HSG with Heartfelt Message Videos

Proud Mom Heidi Klum Celebrates Son Henry’s HSG with Heartfelt Message Videos

Heidi Klum Celebrates Son Henry’s HSG: Supermodel Heidi Klum couldn’t hold back her pride as she cheered on her eldest son, Henry, 18, during his high school graduation ceremony on Friday. Klum took to Instagram to share a series of heartwarming clips documenting the special day.

Proud Mom Heidi Klum Celebrates Son Henry’s HSG (High School Graduation) with Heartfelt Message

The first video captures Henry’s big moment onstage as he receives his diploma. The cheers of the crowd are easily drowned out by Klum’s enthusiastic shouts from the audience. The pure joy on her face is evident even from a short clip.

Another video shows Henry walking offstage, diploma in hand, with a wide grin. Klum is beside herself with excitement, showering him with praise and cheers. Henry acknowledges his mom with a grateful “Thank you!”

Heidi Klum Celebrates Son Henry's HSG
Heidi Klum Celebrates Son Henry’s HSG

The final clip features a beaming Klum sitting proudly in the audience alongside her husband, Tom Kaulitz. The image radiates the immense pride Klum feels for her son’s accomplishment.

Klum’s accompanying caption overflows with love and support. “CONGRATULATIONS HENRY,” she wrote in all caps, followed by a string of red hearts. “We are all sooo proud of you,” she continued. “You did it my beautiful boy. College here we come! SHINE BRIGHT.”

Klum’s Instagram stories offered additional glimpses into the day. A video captured her excitement as she traveled to the ceremony, a celebratory graduation cap emoji glittering with animation. Another story showed her beaming in the audience with Kaulitz by her side.


The outpouring of love from Klum highlights the special bond between mother and son. Henry’s graduation marks a significant milestone, and Klum’s message serves as a heartwarming reminder of the unwavering support parents can provide for their children.

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