One-Sided Love Shayari in English

Unspoken Melodies: 10+ Heart Touching One-Sided Love Shayari in English

One-sided love, a symphony played for one. It’s a bittersweet melody that echoes in the heart, a love that blooms silently, yearning to be heard. Here’s a collection of original Shayari in English, capturing the poignant beauty of unrequited love:

Unspoken Melodies: 10+ Heart Touching Shayari for One-Sided Love

One-sided love, a melody played in a silent key, resonates deeply within the soul. It’s a bittersweet symphony of longing and acceptance. Here’s a collection of original Shayari in English to capture the essence of this unique emotion:

  1. A Whisper in the Crowd:

The world fades when your eyes meet mine,

A silent language, a secret design.

My heart drums a rhythm, a love unspoken,

Just a whisper in the crowd, a wish unbroken.

  1. The Stargazer’s Lament:
One-Sided Love Shayari in English
10+ Heart Touching One-Sided Love Shayari in English

I trace your constellation in the night sky,

Wishing on a star, a love that may never fly.

Content to admire from afar, a distant light,

The stargazer’s lament, under the moon’s soft white.

  1. A Painted Dream:

Strokes of love on a canvas unseen,

A portrait of you, a vibrant, living dream.

The colors may fade, but the memory stays,

A masterpiece of longing, painted in muted grays.

  1. The Fallen Leaf’s Song:

I fall for you silently, like a leaf in the breeze,

Landing softly at your feet, rustle of autumn leaves.

Unnoticed I may be, yet a beauty I hold,

A love unspoken, a story yet untold.

  1. The Raindrop’s Kiss:
One-Sided Love Shayari in English
10+ Heart Touching One-Sided Love Shayari in English

A single teardrop on a window pane,

Mirrors the love that falls like gentle rain.

Hoping it will reach you, a whisper on the breeze,

The raindrop’s kiss, a love that longs to appease.

  1. The Borrowed Smile:

I steal a smile when your laughter rings,

A borrowed joy, the happiness love brings.

Though you may not see the love in my eyes,

Your happiness is mine, reflected in borrowed skies.

  1. The Unstrung Melody:

My heart, a violin with a single string,

Playing a love song for you, a beautiful thing.

The melody lingers, though forever incomplete,

An unstrung symphony, a love bittersweet.

  1. The Sheltered Flame:
One-Sided Love Shayari in English
10+ Heart Touching One-Sided Love Shayari in English

Love for you, a flickering flame I hold,

Shielded from the wind, a story yet untold.

It burns bright within, a silent, gentle fire,

A love nurtured in secret, a burning desire.

  1. The Echoing Silence:

Words dance on my tongue, but remain unsaid,

Love’s confession a whisper, lost in my head.

The silence screams volumes, a love unspoken still,

An echo in the heart, waiting to fulfill.

  1. The Compass and the Star:

My heart, a compass forever set on you,

A silent north star, guiding me through.

Though our paths may never truly align,

My love for you, a beacon that will forever shine.

Bonus One-Sided Love Shayari in English:

“Seeing your smile, a bittersweet delight,

my love for you a fire, burning ever so bright,

even if it’s not mine to ignite.”

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Final Words

These Shayari offer a glimpse into the complex world of one-sided love. Share them, whisper them, or simply let them resonate within you. Remember, even unspoken love has the power to move mountains, within the depths of your own heart

Share them, whisper them, or keep them close to your heart. Remember, even unspoken, love holds a beauty all its own.

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