JoJo Siwa Shrugs and Sparkles Through SNL's "Bad Girl" Impression

JoJo Siwa Shrugs and Sparkles Through SNL’s “Bad Girl” Impression

JoJo Siwa Shrugs and Sparkles: JoJo Siwa’s transformation from sequined bows to smoky eyes took the internet by storm, and it seems “Saturday Night Live” couldn’t resist joining the party.

The show’s recent spoof took aim at Siwa’s new look and some of the buzz surrounding it, but the former Nickelodeon star proved she can take a joke.

JoJo Siwa Shrugs and Sparkles Through SNL’s Edgy Alter Ego

JoJo Siwa’s recent foray into a more mature image, complete with a new song and a darker aesthetic, hasn’t gone unnoticed. But instead of getting ruffled by “Saturday Night Live’s” comedic take on her transformation, Siwa embraced the laughs.

JoJo Siwa Shrugs and Sparkles Through SNL's "Bad Girl" Impression

SNL’s Weekend Update featured Chloe Fineman in a hilarious impersonation of Siwa, complete with a recreation of her signature “bad girl” ensemble from the “Karma” music video.

Siwa from “rainbow sparkles” to “black sparkles,”

Fineman’s Siwa declared a dramatic shift from “rainbow sparkles” to “black sparkles,” even eliciting a quip about resembling “a figure skater joining a street gang.”

But the real target was Siwa’s comment about wanting to create a new genre called “gay pop.” Fineman’s confident portrayal hilariously insisted it was a revolutionary idea, while Colin Jost delivered a perfectly timed, “Isn’t that just…pop?”

So how did the real Siwa react? Taking to Instagram, she simply captioned a clip of the sketch with “Iconic” and “Speechless.” Siwa seems to be embracing the attention, even the playful jabs, showing she has a thick skin and a good sense of humor.

Jo Jo Siwa used social media

This isn’t the first time Siwa has used social media to address the shift in her image. She’s previously clarified her “gay pop” comments, explaining her desire for more recognition of LGBTQ+ artists within the genre.

Final Words

JoJo Siwa Shrugs and Sparkles Through SNL's "Bad Girl" Impression

Whether you’re a longtime Siwanator or a recent convert to her edgy era, one thing’s for sure: JoJo Siwa isn’t afraid to be herself, and she’s definitely not letting a little SNL satire stop her shine.

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