Teeny Tiny Statement Pins: SNL Takes Aim at Performative Activism

Teeny Tiny Statement Pins: SNL Takes Aim at Performative Activism

Saturday Night Live’s sharp wit turned towards the world of celebrity activism this weekend. Their hilarious sketch, “Teeny Tiny Statement Pins,” pokes fun at the trend of stars wearing miniature pins on red carpets to seemingly support various causes.

SNL Takes Aim at Celebrity Activism with “Teeny Tiny Statement Pins”

Saturday Night Live (SNL) set its sights on a familiar target this week: celebrity activism on the red carpet. Their weapon of choice? A hilarious fake ad for “Teeny Tiny Statement Pins.”

The sketch, featuring host Dua Lipa, lampoons the growing trend of celebrities sporting barely-there pins with vague messages of support for various causes.

The ad plays on the absurdity of these pins, highlighting their invisibility and ultimately meaningless pronouncements.

Teeny Tiny Statement Pin – SNL

Dua Lipa delivers the pitch perfectly

Lipa delivers the pitch perfectly, emphasizing the convenience of these pins for celebrities who “don’t know what to say but want something that sounds like it could be important.”

We see a slew of hilarious examples, from a pin that reads “The Devil Wears Prada is not about me” (worn by an Anna Wintour impersonator) to a flag representing “no country” and a pin featuring a cat and baby simply saying “no.”

SNL’s genius reactions to the nature of some celebrity activism

Teeny Tiny Statement Pins: SNL Takes Aim at Performative Activism

SNL’s genius lies in capturing the performative nature of some celebrity activism. The sketch cleverly exposes the disconnect between the supposed message and the lack of any real commitment.

But the humor doesn’t stop there. The ad goes on to mock the sheer pointlessness of some causes represented by these pins.

A pin with a question mark signifies the wearer’s stance on…everything? Another features a tiny globe, because apparently, global issues are just too big for a bold statement.


The “Teeny Tiny Statement Pin” sketch is a sharp commentary on the current state of celebrity activism. It reminds us that true advocacy requires more than just a fashionable accessory.

It compels us to question the sincerity behind these gestures and yearn for a more substantive form of engagement from celebrities with the causes they choose to champion.

Teeny Tiny Statement Pins: SNL Takes Aim at Performative Activism

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