48th Annual St. Ignace Car Show Weekend (2024): Schedule, Tickets, and Important Things to Know

48th Annual St. Ignace Car Show Weekend (2024): Schedule, Tickets, and Important Things to Know

Gearheads, rejoice! The iconic St. Ignace Car Show Weekend is roaring back into action for its 48th year, and this promises to be a bigger and better celebration of all things automotive.

Mark your calendars for June 27th to 30th, 2024, and get ready to immerse yourself in a world of gleaming chrome, rumbling engines, and that unmistakable small-town charm that St. Ignace exudes.

Cruise into Nostalgia: The Ultimate Guide to the 48th Annual St. Ignace Car Show Weekend (2024)

The iconic St. Ignace Car Show Weekend rolls into town on June 27th, 2024, and promises four days of automotive bliss. This isn’t just your average car show; it’s a vibrant celebration of classic cars, drag racing royalty, and the enduring charm of a small lakeside town.

St. Ignace Car Show 2024 Schedule:

48th Annual St. Ignace Car Show Weekend (2024): Schedule, Tickets, and Important Things to Know
St. Ignace Car Show Weekend (2024)
  • Friday, June 28th: Immerse yourself in automotive history with the 40th Annual Down Memory Lane Parade. Witness a cavalcade of classic cars roll through town at 7 PM.
  • Saturday, June 29th: This is the heart of the event – “The Big Show!” Over 800 stunning vehicles will line the streets of downtown St. Ignace from 8 AM to 4 PM. Expect live music, vibrant vendors, special guest appearances, and a dazzling fireworks display at dusk.
  • June 27th & 30th: While Saturday is the main event, the spirit of the car show lingers throughout the weekend. Explore the town at your leisure, soak in the atmosphere, and maybe catch a glimpse of some hidden automotive gems.

Tickets for St. Ignace Car Show 2024

The beauty of the St. Ignace Car Show is that it’s a free spectator event. Simply stroll along the designated route and soak in the sights and sounds.

However, if you’re interested in participating in the parade or showing off your own car, registration details can be found on the official St. Ignace Visitors Bureau website.

Important Things to Know:

48th Annual St. Ignace Car Show Weekend (2024)
  • Accommodation: With car enthusiasts flocking from all over, booking your stay in St. Ignace well in advance is recommended. Explore hotels, motels, or vacation rentals to suit your preference.
  • Parking: While street parking will be limited during the main show on Saturday, designated overflow areas will be available. Consider arriving early to secure a spot.
  • Weather: The Upper Peninsula in June boasts pleasant weather, but it’s always wise to pack for unpredictable showers. Don’t forget sunscreen and comfortable walking shoes.
  • Family-Friendly Fun: The St. Ignace Car Show is a fantastic event for the whole family. While the car displays take center stage, there’s plenty to keep everyone entertained, from live music and vendors to the vibrant atmosphere.

Beyond the Cars:

Make the most of your St. Ignace getaway by exploring the town’s charm. Visit the historic Fort Mackinac, take a thrilling ferry ride across the Mackinac Straits, or simply relax on the shores of beautiful Lake Huron.


The St. Ignace Car Show Weekend is more than just an exhibition of automobiles; it’s a celebration of community, nostalgia, and the enduring love for all things automotive.

So, fire up your engines, pack your spirit of adventure, and get ready for an unforgettable weekend in St. Ignace!

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