Inside Out 2 Trailer Explodes

Inside Out 2 Trailer Explodes: New Emotions, Old Problems Take Over Riley’s Mind

Get ready for another trip inside the headquarters of emotions! The official trailer for Pixar’s highly anticipated “Inside Out 2” has dropped and it’s already sending shockwaves (or should we say joywaves?) through the internet.

Inside Out 2 Trailer Explodes Online: New Emotions and Teenage Turmoil Take Center Stage

Get ready to revisit the headquarters inside Riley’s head! The official trailer for Pixar’s highly anticipated sequel, Inside Out 2, has dropped.

Inside Out 2 Official Trailer

The trailer offers a hilarious glimpse back into the world of Riley’s emotions, this time as she navigates the treacherous terrain of adolescence.

We see our familiar favorites, Joy (voiced again by Amy Poehler), Anger (Lewis Black), Disgust (Liza Lapira), Fear (Tony Hale), and Sadness (Phyllis Smith) grappling with a new arrival: Anxiety, voiced by Maya Hawke.

Inside Out 2: Here’s what’s got everyone buzzing

  • New Emotions on the Block: Anxiety isn’t the only newcomer. The trailer hints at the introduction of other, more complex emotions we encounter as teenagers, leaving fans to speculate who might join the cast. Could it be Embarrassment? Or maybe even Coolness (voiced by a dreamy celebrity, perhaps?)
  • Puberty Hits Headquarters: The trailer reveals a hilarious makeover of Headquarters itself. To accommodate Riley’s growth, the once childlike control center is undergoing a dramatic (and slightly chaotic) construction phase.
  • Growing Up is Hard to Do: The core message of the film seems to be about the challenges of navigating adolescence. Will Riley’s new emotions work together, or will they create inner turmoil?

Mark Your Calendars!

Inside Out 2 Trailer Explodes

“Inside Out 2” is set to hit theaters on June 14, 2024, so get ready for a summer filled with laughter, tears, and a whole lot of emotional exploration.

Interesting tidbit: Director Kelsey Mann has hinted that the film will explore Pixar’s original “five to 27 emotions” concept, which suggests even more new characters could be on the horizon for future sequels.


Inside Out 2 Official Trailer
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This is just a taste of what’s to come in Inside Out 2. With its fresh take on emotions, relatable coming-of-age themes, and a dash of nostalgia, Pixar’s latest promises to be a film that will make you laugh, cry, and everything in between.

So, buckle up and prepare for another heartwarming adventure inside the most important place of all: Riley’s mind.

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